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9 Wonders Tutorial

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Ever wanted to add Stonehenge (ala Arthurian TW) to the game, or some other wonder and not lose any of the default 7 well you're in luck. Here's a quick and dirty guide to adding two extra wonders to the game. This is the wiki version of the tutorial found at 9 World Wonders Tutorial.


I was fixing various sound problems with RS1.5 and came across the following code in descr_sounds_stratmap.txt:

 what landmark
       wonder    temple, statue, pyramids_and_sphinx, mausoleum, pharos, colossus, stonehenge, barge, gardens
               folder data/sounds/SFX/Environment/Structures

Since this code didn't cause the engine to bark, it got me thinking if the engine recognizes stonehenge and barge here, where else? Gotthard, another coder on the RS team had suggested the exe seemed to allow for 9 wonders.

So with this in mind I decided to see if I could add extra wonders into the game. Here's what you need to add:


{stonehenge_title}                Title
{stonehenge_short_descr}            Short Description
{stonehenge_long_descr}            Long Description
{stonehenge_effects}            Effects Description
{barge_title}                Title
{barge_short_descr}            Short Description
{barge_long_descr}            Long Description
{barge_effects}            Effects Description


change the model entries for stonehenge and barge to wonder_stonehenge.cas and wonder_barge.cas (they can probably be named anything)


add new entries for barge and stonehenge, update information to be similar to the other entries in the file


More information on descr_strat.txt

In the landmark section add the co-ordinates for stonehenge and barge

landmark    stonehenge    X1,    Y1
landmark    barge    X2,    Y2


The models (wonder_stonehenge.cas and wonder_barge.cas) should be placed in the models_strat folder


The textures for the models should be placed in the models_strat/textures folder


The exact bonuses for the wonders is not known at this time.

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