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A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita

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A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
Era18th Century
Mod Leader l33tl4m3r
Release Status v1.1.0
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:


The latest version of APE:TI, one of the most ambitious modding projects for Empire: Total War. APE:TI significantly alters most aspects of the game we have access to and offers you a wholly different gameplay designed to allow you to make much more interesting and difficult decisions as befits a proper strategy game.

Featuring Manpower and Supply, Resistance to Foreign Occupation, Education and Research Costs, New Technologies, Rebalanced Combat and Economy, Realistic Projectiles and Artillery, Regular Updates, Direct Developer Support, and much more!

Thanks to major contributions from members all across the community the mod now contains additional unit textures, improved smoke and sounds, historically accurate battalion/naval flags. Also included; over half a dozen new units, with more to come -- there are even compatible additional unit packs provided by members of the community!

Click here for TWC APE:TI link.



  • Realistic recruitment
  • Balanced combat
  • Balanced economy
  • New technologies
  • New historical units
  • All factions playable

Partial List of Features

  • Manpower and supply govern how many troops you can recruit.
  • Whole economic structure of the game reworked; unit costs, buildings costs, and more.
  • Research now costs as schools have an upkeep, whether they are researching or not.
  • Completely reworked morale system for both land and naval battles.
  • Completely reworked naval combat; turning, ranges, speed, acceleration, and a lot more.
  • Resistance plays a huge role and prevents steamrolling the world in most cases.
  • New technologies for cannon foundry requirements; the tech initially cause the price to go up on artillery but result in a price break to cost, upkeep, and repairs when the tech line is finished.
  • New useful technologies; Improved Reloading Drills (-5% to base reload speeds) and Live Firing Drills (+4 battle morale). They replace the now defunct Fire and Advance.
  • New Horse Artillery technology grants access to mobile artillery that can keep up with your infantry.
  • Tech tree and related research times completely reworked. Simpler technologies are easier to aquire, and some of the later philosophical techs will take some time to finish.
  • Removal of fire and advance and volley fire.
  • Artilley made much more effective; ranges increased based on shot type, accuracy adjusted with reload speed. Shots are much less accurate after 650 meters.
  • Infantry weapon ranges increased. Muskets do less damage at ranges over 120 meters.
  • Platoon fire now available only for Ferguson riflemen.
  • Tighter unit formations.
  • Light infantry doctrine and rank fire are lower in the tech tree and require less points to research than before making them easier to get earlier in the game.
  • All non-emergent factions playable.
  • Historical units - Potsdam Giants, Zeiten Hussars, Marines, Swiss Guards, Decanni Lancers, Douaniers, Regimiento Inmemorial del Rey, and more; more being compiled every week.
  • Balanced combat; Reload bonuses for firing drills are evened out, square formation for realistic, morale levels due to flanking and rear attacks more of a problem than before, units tire more quickly when running over long distances.
  • Light infantry now equipped with bayonets.
  • Experience caps (number of kills or deaths needed, etc.) lowered. Units gain experience quicker this way.
  • Fixed Taxes and other bugs that CA hasn't patched yet.
  • Revamp of Empire's numbers; Charge increased for cavalry and infantry; morale adjustments based on level of training, movement and morale on terrain or in weather, misfires, etc.
  • Redone/expanded descriptions for several units.
  • 3 turns per campaign year.
  • Increased recruitment and build times to suit the longer turns.

Community Contributions

  • Trasibulos UI, Naval & Land Flags (Republic/Monarchy) Retextures
  • MechDonald's Blood, Smoke, and Sound Mod
  • Captain Cox's Load screens
  • Remo's retextures
  • Sinuhet Formations
  • Waronmar's pipmod
  • Swiss Halberdier's AUM (a few units included in APE)


Team Members

l33tl4m3r - Combat Design/Mod Handler/Senior Local Moderator

grandpa - Local Moderator

ODaly - Local Moderator

Inactive Team Memebers

Alpaca - Campaign Design/Lead Scripter/Senior Local Moderator

Tan Zhi Han - Unit Research/SoundFX/Local Moderator

The Donz - 2D Artist/Graphic Design/Local Moderator

Major Contributions

Aykis16 - New Battalions Flags

CaptainCox - New Load Screens

Danova - Ornamentum Skin Pack

Erasmus777 - Skinning/Equipment

HusserlTW - Startpos.esf tutorial and changes

Mech_Donald - Smoke Mod Lite 1.8 + Blood Mod 1.2

Remo - New Unit Skins

Spanky - Militia Skins

Swiss Halberdier - APE: TI Compatible Unit Pack

Tiyafeh - Infantry Animations

Trasibulos – New Naval Flags

Waronmars - Pipmod and French Republic Unit Skins

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