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A World Betrayed (TW3K DLC)

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Three Kingdoms banner

Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed is the Fourth DLC released for Total War: Three Kingdoms.


A World Betrayed is a chapter pack that adds the 194 start date to the game. This start date focuses on the war between Cao Cao, Lu Bu, and Liu Bei in Xu and Yan Provinces, as well as Sun Ce's conquest of the southern regions.


Sun Ce

In Game;

  • Hero Class: Vanguard
  • Start Position: Liujiang
  • Clan: Wu

In History;

  • Style Name: Bofu
  • Positions: General Who Exterminates Rebels, Administrator of Kuaiji, Marquis of Wu, Prince Huan of Changsha
  • Wikipedia Biography

Lü Bu

In Game;

In History;

  • Style Name: Fengxian
  • Positions: General of the Left, General of Vehement Might, Marquis of Wen
  • Wikipedia Biography






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