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Admiral's Flagship, 3rd Rate (ETW Unit)

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Admiral's Flagship, 3rd Rate (ETW Unit)
3rd rate.png
Class 3rd Rate
Unit Size 196 men
Weaponry 72 guns
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Charge Bonus
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 2540
Upkeep Cost 630
Turns to Build
Unit Limit
Building Requirements Drydock
Technology Requirements None
Attributes Broadside

3rd rate thumbnail.pngThe third rate is a compromise between firepower and handling. A stable gun platform, it also makes a good flagship.


Overall, the “74” (from the number of guns carried) or “third rate” is a very practical vessel. With a crew of around 700 men, it has enough firepower and resilience to survive most battles. It can deliver a horrendously effective broadside from its 32-pounders (on the lower deck), 18-pounders on the upper deck and 9-pounders in the upper works. It also has enough space to house an admiral and his busy staff in some comfort, even if the ship’s officers have to sacrifice their living space.

Historically, many admirals and commodores chose 74s to be their flag vessels. In the 18th Century “commodore” was not a formalised naval rank, but an appointment as a “temporary fleet commander”. Appointing a commodore allowed the navy to choose any talented or well-connected captain, no matter how junior, for command. Admiral was usually a rank that any captain, no matter how useless, could reach if he lived for long enough!


These vessels share all the benefits of their standard 3rd Rate brethren in that they are comparatively cheap to build and maintain, and yet have good handling and firepower available to them. As such, these vessels are excellent for protecting trade, as they will happily out-gun any pirate vessel, and a large majority of other warships as well. The Flagship variant also has better defence and morale, providing a strong core for any medium sized fleet. As such, these vessels should be sought after by a nation with aspiring naval ambitions as a matter of some urgency.


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