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Africa: Total War

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Africa: Total War

This mod aims at bringing you one of the most crucial time periods of African history, the time when European kingdoms sought to take control of the lands and riches of this ancient continent. Take up the sword and forge an empire, be it European, middle-easterner, or African.

Factions: 28/ 22 Playable and 5 emergent

European: 6 factions

Crown of Spain

Kingdom of Portugal

Kingdom of France [Emergent]

Kingdom of England [Emergent]

Netherlands [Emergent]

Kingdom of Granada

African: 14 factions

Mamluk Sultanate

Hafsid Sultanate

Kingdom of Fes

Mali Empire

Songhay Empire

Ethiopian Empire

Wolof Empire

Benin Empire

Bornu Empire


Oyo Empire

Mutapa Empire

Kingdom of Kongo


Middle Eastern: 3 factions

Ottoman Empire

Imamate of Oman

Imamate of Yemen

Indian: 3 factions

Vijayanagara Empire

Bahmani Sultanate

Mughal Empire [Emergent]

Other: 1 faction

Independent States (Rebels)

(p.s. the list can be changed)

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