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American Trading District (FOTS)

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American Trading District (FOTS)
File:American Trading District FOTS.png
Chain Port Type
Requires Buildings:
  • Trading Port
  • Arts:
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Enables Units:
  • Gun Boat - Chiyodagata-Class
  • Torpedo Boat - Chiyodagata-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kanko Maru-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kanrin Maru-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kaiten-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kasuga-Class
  • Wooden Frigate - Kaiyo Maru-Class
  • Ironclad - Roanoke-Class
  • United States Marines
  • Spawned Defence Forces -
    Basic Building Statistics
  • Cost: 10500
  • Improves export capacity (increases trade values) by +250
  • +1500 to wealth from ports in this province
  • +10 per turn to town growth from trade within this province
  • +3 to possible trade routes (sea)
  • Recruitment capacity (ship under construction): +2
  • Coastal defences will be disabled once the port's health falls to 50%
  • Coastal defence range: 10
  • Coastal defence level: 2
  • -2 to happiness from modernisation
  • Enables recruitment of Rank 1 Foreign Veteran
  • Limit: 1 Trading District per Clan
  • Clan Effects
  • +4 to modernisation
  • Establishes trade routes with the western powers
  • +1 to the number of Foreign Veterans that may be fielded (Maximum: 5)
  • See main article; FotS Buildings


    America is a nation that means business.

    An American trading district improves the port defences in several ways, and improves the value of exports to the outside world.

    In 1854, the Treaty of Kanegawa, concluded between Commodore Matthew Perry of the US Navy and the representatives of the Shogun, began the process of opening up Japan to American business interests. Perry had wanted to deal with the Emperor but, from an Imperial perspective, dealing with foreigners was completely beyond the pale. The treaty was more than a little one-sided in terms of what the Americans got. Like the other treaties Japan signed, it reflected the balance of power between the closed, backward Japan and the industrialised, colonial nations of the West. These were a spur to Japanese modernisation efforts and, by 1900, Japan could be counted a developed, modern nation in many ways: Japanese troops fought alongside European soldiers during the Boxer Rebellion in China, for example.

    Other Information

    Although the cost of constructing an American Trading District is very expensive, the investment can be considered worthwhile as it will enable recruitment of United States Marines and the Roanoke-Class Ironclad. However, very careful consideration should be taken on the placement of this building as a clan can only have one Trading District.

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