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Archers (RTW Unit)

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Archers (RTW Unit)
Class Archer
Unit Size 160
Weaponry Bow, Knife
Morale 4
Melee Attack 3
Ranged Attack 7
Defence 2
Charge Bonus 1
Range 120
Ammunition 30
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 190
Upkeep Cost 170
Turns to Build 1
Unit Limit None
Building Requirements Archery Range
Technology Requirements None
Attributes Can hide in woods

GREEK ARCHER.pngArchers are rightly feared for the casualties they can inflict, but they are vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat.


Archers are rightly feared for the casualties they can inflict, but they are vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat. They are drawn from the peasant classes of all societies, as these are the people who need to be skilled hunters in order to survive. Learning to use a bow well is something that takes a lifetime and constant practice, and putting food on the table provides good practice. They are best used to weaken enemy formations, or placed in a spot where they can retreat and find protection from other troops.


The ground floor for missile troops, Archers are bog standard foot archers with decent skill and very poor melee ability. They have no armor or shields, so an archery duel will likely result in lot of casualties. They work very well for wiping out lightly armored enemies, shooting at light cavalry and distracting and annoying the enemy with their arrows. They are much more useful than peltasts due to their superior range and they are still very inexpensive to recruit. Having a few units of these guys along is a must.


  • Parthia Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Parthia
  • Pontus Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Pontus
  • Armenia Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Armenia
  • Greek Cities Faction Symbol-Vanilla.pngGreek Cities
  • Numidia Faction Symbol-Vanilla.pngNumidia
  • Seleucid Faction Symbol-Vanilla.pngSeleucid Empire
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