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Assassins (Modding in M2TW)

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This page is dedicated to understanding the game mechanics behind assassins in M2TW

The values for determining assassination success percentages can be found in the descr_campaign_db.xml file and the export_descr_character_traits.txt


You can only change the file when the game is not running otherwise the data will not compile

<assassinate_base_chance float="15"/>

  • Appears to be the base percentage that a default assassin starts off with

<assassinate_attack_modifier float="1.0"/>

  • This value is multiplied

<assassinate_defence_modifier float="0.0"/>

  • May have something to do with defense vs attacks from other assassins or inquisitors (agents w/ability to kill)
  • Changing the number seems to have no effect on assassination percentages against diplomats

<assassinate_public_modifier float="1.0"/>

  • May have something to do with the public security traits that a character picks up (ex. counter-spy)

<assassinate_personal_modifier float="1.0"/>

  • Refers to the personal security traits one has (ex. paranoid)

<assassinate_counter_spy_modifier float="1.0"/>

  • Appears to be a straight divisor that is applied to the total once all calculations have been made
  • Affects captains and generals

<assassinate_agent_modifier float="2.0"/>

  • Default multiplication value that is applied to all agents (ex. diplomats)
  • This value is multiplied

<assassinate_own_region_modifier float="0.7"/>

  • Value that is multiplied to running total if assassination takes place in assassin's home territory (ex. if french assassin attempts to kill diplomat near Paris, then success = 0.7x)

<assassinate_assassinate_attr_modifier float="0.1"/>

  • Refers to if your assassin has one of these traits
    • Prototype Handgun: +1 assassination, +2 law. 33% upon agent creation if there is a gunsmith or higher in the city.
    • Child Apprentice: +1 assassination. 5% chance on killing a target.
    • Assassin's Blade: +1 assassination. 3% chance on killing a target.

<assassinate_chance_min int="5"/>

  • Minimum chance of success

<assassinate_chance_max int="95"/>

  • Maximum chance of success

Float refers to decimals Int refers to integers


See article export_descr_character_traits.txt for some general information.
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