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Austria (NTW Faction)

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Austria (NTW Faction)
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Name: Austria
From Game: Napoleon: Total War
Culture: European

Austria is one of the 5 playable factions in Napoleon: Total War. It is a major faction.


Austria 1263220963 4776.jpg

There are matters to be settled between the house of Hapsburg and the upstart Bonaparte. Francis I is the first Hapsburg monarch to use the title Emperor of Austria. His ancient possessions in the Holy Roman Empire have been largely stripped away by a series of military disasters inflicted by the "Emperor" Napoleon. The old Empire is no more.

In Italy and Germany, General Bonaparte personally oversaw military campaigns that broke Austrian Hapsburg dominance. Despite a relatively generous peace settlement in 1801, the Hapsburg throne lost too much. France remains a threat: it is unlikely that Napoleon can ever let matters rest as they are now. His legitimacy as a ruler is bought and paid for in military glory, and that cannot be won in times of peace. His attitude towards other nations is tinged with contempt at best, and hostility at worst.

Austria, then, has to choose sides. Fortunately, there are potential allies in the Russians and the British. Indeed, the British may be ideal allies, for they are likely to want the return of Hannover, thus weakening Prussian power within Germany. They also have an exceptionally large amount of money to help finance their continental allies. The Russians will expect to be compensated for any efforts against Napoleon by Polish territory, but Austria can put up with such an arrangement. The difficulty may lie in coming to an arrangement with Prussia: can Germany be divided equably? But there is much to be gained by finding allies: Austria needs help if she is to regain the lost lands of Italy and, finally, remove the revolutionary threat that is France.

Starting position

Austria has a precarious starting position because it is on the center of the fight with the French, and must deal with Napoleon and his allies (Bavaria, Württemburg and others) and altough it will receive reinforcements from the Russians, they are the primary target for French incursions. You can however try to make alliances with Prussia which will secure your position in Central Europe however do not let Prussia become too strong. You would also have to contain with the perfidious Ottomans who are long time enemies of the Habsburgs and the Austrian Empire and may be willing to invade lands that were stripped by the Austrians in the past like Transylvania.






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