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{{M2 Factions}}
{{M2 Factions}}

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Medieval 2: Total War | Factions:
Aztecs | Byzantine Empire | Denmark | Egypt | England | France | Holy Roman Empire | Hungary | Milan | Mongols | Moors | Papal States | Poland | Portugal | Russia | Scotland | Sicily | Spain | Timurids | Turks | Venice | Rebels


Aztecs faction symbol

The Aztecs in Medieval 2: Total War are a non-playable faction which begins the game hidden in the South American provinces on the far West side of the campaign map. This area is unexplorable and therefore inaccessible for much of the early game, highlighted by the fact that it is shrouded in black fog. Once the campaign has progressed for long enough and triggered a certain technological 'discovery', all factions will find themselves able to build ships capable of navigating the deep Atlantic waters and sail to the Americas in an attempt to conquer the Aztec faction.