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Aztecs (M2TW Faction)

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Aztecs (M2TW Faction)
Symbol aztecs.jpg
Name: Aztecs
From Game: Medieval II: Total War
Culture: Mesoamerican

The Aztecs in Medieval II: Total War are a non-playable faction found in the Central American provinces in the far western portion of the campaign map. The Aztecs can only be reached after the campaign has progressed far enough for a technological 'discovery' to be triggered. They can be made playable by simple modifications to the game files (more information on which can be found here).

Game Play

Starting Position

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The Aztecs control portions of Central America, only accessible through an event to all European factions.

Their cities are:

  • Tenochtitlan: Aztec City; Region - Tenochtitlan Province
  • Tlaxcala: Aztec City; Region - Tlaxcala Province
  • Cholula: Aztec City; Region - Cholula Province

Victory Conditions

  • Long Campaign: Hold 45 provinces including Rome.
  • Short Campaign: Hold 15 provinces.


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  • Infantry
    • Peasants
    • Aztec Spearmen
    • Aztec Warriors
    • Jaguar Warriors
    • Eagle Warriors
    • Cuahchiqueh
    • Coyote Priests
  • Missile
    • Aztec Archers
    • Aztec Spear Throwers
    • Arrow Warriors
  • Bodyguard
    • Bodyguard
  • Local Mercenaries
    • Native Mercenaries
    • Tlaxcalan Mercenaries

Strategy guides

  • No Guides At Current

Faction Details

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Aztecs Details (M2TW Faction)

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