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Aztecs Details (M2TW Faction)

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Have a look at the main Aztecs page for general information and facts regarding this faction.


The Aztecs is a "hidden" faction that is discovered only when the player has landed onto the New World territories and sights an Aztec army or settlement. As such they are normally not playable without modifiying the game files.


The Aztecs' main strengths is large numbers of both melee and missile infantry, allowing them to swarm opposing armies and rain missles to whittle their numbers. Their main weaknesses is featuring no cavalry or artillery units in their roster, susceptible to routing in the presence of discharged firearms and cavalry units, and having poor armour defense. Despite fielding large numbers the Aztecs can be easily routed by a technologically advanced enemy.


The Aztec religion is classified as Pagan, making it difficult for any faction to consolidate their holdings in the New World.

Unique features

The Aztecs have a set of unique traits that focus on Dread and Command, and their settlements consist of walls and a temple that is destroyed once the settlement is taken.


Aztec armies rely on dread and numbers to defeat an opponent. Targeting their general in battle can quickly lead to a full-scale rout by the entire army. As they do not have any cavalry, artillery, or gunpowder units as well as a severe deficiency in ranged units, they give the regular factions a huge advantage over the Aztecs, as these can outmanouevre and outrange the infantry-based Aztec units, however it should be noted that Aztec infantry are quite fast.


The Aztecs are normally not playable in the Grand Campaign. To play as the Aztecs requires modifying the game files.

If you try to play as this faction, you instantly lose and are forced to return to the main menu.

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