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Black Seas Colonies (TWR2 Culture)

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Black Seas Colonies (TWR2 Culture)
Name: Black Seas Colonies
From Game: Total War: Rome II
Cultural Group: Hellenic
Playable Factions: Yes


Culture Traits

  • Greek Hearts: +15% morale during battles in own or allied territory
  • Rulers of Foreign Lands: -50% public order penalty due to presence of foreign cultures



  • Bosporian Fertile Lands: +25% wealth from agricultural buildings
  • Nomadic Archers: +25% ammunition for all units


  • Golden Legacy: +2 Hellenic cultural influence in all provinces
  • Trade Crossroads: +15% trade income


  • Great Builders: -25% building construction costs
  • Town Growth: +4 growth per turn in all provinces

In game:

  • Cultural Traits improve morale of units fighting to defend their own or allies lands, and significantly reduce public order penalties from the presence of non-Greek Culture.
  • Start somewhat separate from the main major powers, allowing early expansion against smaller factions. Also start with, or near, trade resources, offering additional bonuses as well as increasing chances other factions will trade with you.
  • Hybrid rosters build upon a core of Greek units, while drawing from local populace to create multi-cultural armies.
  • As Greek colonies on the edge of “civilisation,” early rivals will more often be Eastern or Barbarian Nomadic, than Greek. This has effects on both diplomacy and army composition.

In history:

  • The far-flung colonies of the Greek States.
  • Established by hardy Greek colonists around the Black Sea, seeking to become rich from the natural resources to be found there.
  • Though this brought them into conflict with the native peoples of the area, such as the nomadic tribes of the Steppes, it also lead to a blending of peoples and ideas, leading to unique multi-cultural societies.
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