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Bretonnia (TWW Faction)

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Kingdom of Bretonnia is a faction in the title of Total War: Warhammer by Creative Assembly.


Bretonnia is a kingdom located in the Old World, west of the Grey Mountains and the Empire. Its current king is Louen Leoncoeur(Lion-Hearted).

Found by Gilles le Breton, Bretonnia is second only in size and military power to that of the Empire of Man, both their chief rival and closest allies, having a culture and society that revolves around the ideals of nobility, social birthright and the upholding of a strictly enforced code of chivalry. They worship the Lady of the Lake, a Godess who imparts her blessings upon those who are honourable.

Legendary Lords

Louen Leoncoeur: Louen Leoncoeur is the current king of Bretonnia, crowned as its royarch by the Fay Enchantress. He is a mighty warrior-king, and a grail knight of the Lady of the Lake. He is the oldest human ruler in the Old World and is respected within Bretonnia and beyond.


Bretonnia is a feudal society, and as such it depends on two types of social classes. Nobility and peasantry. The armies of Bretonnia consist largely of Knights and peasant levy. The Bretonnian Knights are renowned throught the old world as the mightiest cavalry. Their Grail Knights are feared by those who would oppose them. This valiant kingdom is not without its troubles, however. The raids from the Norscan raiders are an ever looming threat on its northern shores, orcs and goblins roam in the mountains to its east and the cursed city of Mousillon spills forth hordes of undead seemingly without end. And to the kingdom's south, beyond the duchies of Parravon and Quenelles lies the mysterious forest of Athel Loren, off limits to all that value their lives, only the Questing Knights of Bretonnia venture into it with the purpose of searching for the Holy Grail. With all its problems, however, the Kingdom of Bretonnia still remains a shining beacon of hope against the coming darkness.


The Bretonnian army fields a simple but strong gathering of troops in its armies. Mainly made up of Knights of varying standing, peasant levies and trebuchets.


  • Bretonnian Lord(Melee): Bretonnian Lords are fearsome warriors, known throughout the kingdom for their deeds of valour, and the blessings of the lady allow these mighty warrior-generals to perform feats that'd certainly be the end of any lesser men.


  • Paladin(melee): Paladins are heroes of Bretonnia, these honourable warriors lead the charge against Bretonnia's enemies in the name of the Lady.
  • Damsel(caster): Damsels are taken from their parents when they are baby girls by forest spirits, these girls later come back to Bretonnia as Damsels of the Lady. They bring the lady's protection to the armies of Bretonnia as well as her wrath against its enemies.


  • Beaquis (Louen Leoncoeur): The loyal Hippogryph of king Louen the Lion-Hearted, as glorious in battle is its mighty rider.
  • Bretonnian Warhorse: Faster and stronger than the other horses of the old world, these mighty barded steeds are the choice of mounts of the Bretonnian Knights.
  • Bretonnian Horse: These horses are reserved for Squires and Yeomen when used in the armies, although Damsels sometimes prefer the speed of an unarmored horse over protective barding.
  • Royal Pegasus: A flying steed of winged glory. Rumoured to be descended from Glorfinial, the mighty pegasus of Agilgar of Parravon, one of Gilles le Breton's companions.
  • Pegasus: A winged horse, far faster and far stronger than its earth-bound kin, found most commonly at the high peaks of Grey Mountains.
  • Hippogryph: Only the strongest and most willful of Bretonnian Lords can ever hope to tame one of these beasts of unprecedented might and ride them into war.

Melee Infantry:

  • Spearmen-at-Arms: Bretonnian Peasant levy, given minimal equipment and training, they are expected to hold the line long enough for their lords to deliver a devestating charge.
  • Men-at-Arms(Polearms): These men wield long glaives, trained somewhat better than their spear wielding brethren due to the complexity of their weapon.

Missile Infantry:

  • Peasant Bowmen: Despite their name, these peasants wield longbows. Trained from a young age in their weapon's use, they provide a steady line of defense against Bretonnia's enemies.

Missile Cavalry:

  • Mounted Yeomen Archers: These yeomen serve as the outriders and scouts of Bretonnian armies, they ride ahead of the host and make sure no surprises lay in waiting. In battle they take to the field as fast flanking skirmish cavalry.


  • Trebuchet: A very effective rock lobber utilized by the dishonourable peasants.


  • Knights of the Realm: Knights who have earned their crests and completed their Errantry period, hardened veterans of many deeds, these knights ride into war on Bretonnian warhorses, feared by many as the strongest cavalry in the old world.
  • Grail Knights: Living saints of Bretonnia, these mighty warriors completed their quest for the grail and supped from it, becoming something more than mortal. Immune to age, and uncaring for petty politics and power struggles, these godly warriors ride through the battlefield, searching for the mightiest enemies to slay.
  • Mounted Yeomen: Squires who ride to battle in the wake of their lords.

Monstrous Cavalry

  • Pegasus Knights: Knights mounted upon Pegasi, their mounts stronger and faster than any earth-bound horse, these knights swoop across the skies over a battle field and bring the Lady's wrath upon Bretonnia's foes.

Duchies and Dukes

  • The Dukedom of Couronne: King Louen Leoncoeur.
  • The Dukedom of L'Anguille: Duke Taubert
  • The Dukedom of Lyonesse: Duke Adalhard
  • The Dukedom of Artois: Duke Chillfroy
  • The Dukedom of Gisoreux: Duke Hagen
  • The Dukedom of Bastonne: Duke Bohemond the Beastslayer
  • The Dukedom of Bordeleaux: Duke Alberic
  • The Dukedom of Aquitaine: Duke Armand
  • The Dukedom of Brionne: Duke Theodoric
  • The Dukedom of Carcassonne: Duke Huebald
  • The Dukedom of Montfort: Duke Folcard
  • The Dukedom of Parravon: Duke Cassyon
  • The Dukedom of Quenelles: Duke Tancred II
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