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Britannic Tribes (TWR2 Culture)

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Britannic Tribes (TWR2 Culture)
Name: Britannic Tribes
From Game: Total War: Rome II
Cultural Group: Barbarian
Playable Factions: Yes


Culture Traits

  • Heroic Culture: +20% charge bonus in battles when attacking
  • Warrior Society: +2 public order for every war against a neighbouring faction



  • Cultural Aspirations: Moderate diplomatic bonus with all non-barbarian tribes
  • Pastoral Ways: +20% wealth from agricultural buildings

In game:

  • Culture Traits increase units charge bonus when attacking, allowing them to do more damage when charging, and provide Public Order bonuses when at war with neighbouring factions.
  • Start off in the Britannic Isles in the north-west (top left) corner of the campaign map, far removed from the major powers of the Mediterranean. This distance allows for a fairly easy early campaign, uniting the isles under your banner before expanding into mainland Europe. But it also can create challenges, as your nearby trade partners are also the factions you will need to conquer to expand into the south and east.
  • Roster is a mixture of cheap levy units with low morale, and more experienced warriors, chosen and heroic units with increasingly high morale. This can be bolstered further by the Druidic Nobles “Chant” ability. Their basic slingers are also superior to the basic slingers of many other cultures. Some specialised units are recruited from unexpected buildings, for example the Druidic Nobles from the Commons “Loremaster” chain, and Ambushers from the Commons “Slave” chain. They are also the only Barbarian Culture to use Chariots.
  • The Britannic Tribes (specifically Iceni) are a good culture for new players looking to play something other than Rome, or as an introduction to the Barbarian style of play. They have bonuses to several key mechanics (Public Order, income and diplomacy); their roster is decent without requiring the use of a lot of specialised units and micro-management; and their isolation on the campaign map allows for a good short campaign goal of conquering the British Isles without facing too many enemies at once.

In history:

  • The heroic peoples of a legendary isle, far from civilization.
  • The ancient Britons had a strong connection with their gods, and many menhirs and other ancient sites can be found across these isles, such as Stonehenge. The island of Ynys Mons (also known as Anglesey,) off the north-west coast of Wales was of particular importance, and is said to have been where the Druids made their last stand in the 1st Century AD.
  • Though Rome conquered much of Britain, they were unable to conquer the tribes of the far north in what is now Scotland, instead building Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall in an attempt to keep them out. The ancient Briton's culture and language has also lived on in the Welsh, Cornish and others.
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