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Bulgaria: Total War

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Bulgaria: Total War
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Overhaul
EraMiddle Ages
Mod Leader Gogo_t
Release Status v2.0
Forum / Thread Here


Bulgaria: Total War adds a new Bulgarian faction to the game, extends the campaign map, provides many new skins and includes various other minor modifications by other authors.


New Faction

Tsardom of Bulgaria

  • Brand new historical Bulgarian faction
  • Many new Bulgarian unique units
  • Skins for all Bulgarian units

Campaign Map

  • 30 New Provinces
  • 2 new ages – Early and High, whereas in each of them the factions start with different territories and leaders. The levels of developments of the towns and castles is also different in the different ages
  • Milan is removed from both ages and in the High one it's replaced with the Latin Empire (LE)


  • Added is a mod for the AI – Ultimate AI of the opponents – both on the battlefield and on the strategic map
  • New menus and loading screens
  • The Xenophonia mod is also included, adding several new languages to the game - Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and German
  • Added is the Real Combat mod for longer and more realistic battles
  • Added is a mod for the change of appearance of the Western factions
  • 1 turn equals half an year;
  • Changes in the prices and the times of construction of all buildings;
  • Total change in the unit recruitment - now units are divided into 5 categories - peasants, militia, regular, "quality" and elite forces, and on this will depend how much time will your forces take for recruiting (i.e. when they'll become available for hiring). For example, 1 knight would need between 16-20 turns (8-10) years, depending on the nation you're playing with, while 1 peasant takes 1 turn. You'll also get a bonus to the recruitment time itself, depending on the faction you're playing with. Thus equestrian nations like Poland or Russia will train cavalry units faster than f.e. England;
  • Requirements for some of the buildings are added - f.e. a first level of armourer for a first level barracks;
  • Changes in the names of some of the factions to more historically correct ones;
  • The movement range of armies and agens on the strategic map has been increased several times;
  • Field Cost script for the forces outisde the castles and towns - every army (or unit) outside a castle/town will have an additional upkeep per turn of 250 denars (if it's without a general or is with 1 general, but on its own territory), double the fee for 2 generals etc. If the army is on foreign territory the sum is 500 denars per turn and during a siege - 1000;

You can read the complete list of changes here

Team and Credits

  • Gogo_t - Team Leader, 3D models, Textures, 2D Art, Web Design
  • M.Minkov - Text Editing and Scripting, Textures, Research
  • Alient - Textures, 3D Models
  • Burdokva - Textures, Research
  • LordBG - Textures, 3D Models
  • Krum - Multimedia
  • NikeBG - Research, Web Design
  • Groznii - Web Design


The mod was originally started by gogo_t on the M1TW platform, but as M2TW was released, it eventually moved to the latter. The team grew gradually, with people eventually coming and leaving, but progress went along steady in BGTW's own forum. The first version was released in April 2007 and featured only one campaign, set in the year of 1072, representing the newly added Bulgarian faction at the times of Georgi Voiteh's insurrection against the Byzantines. In July 2008, the second version came to be released, featuring a new second campaign, set in 1220 and featuring many new additions, including the new faction of the Latin Empire and the inclusion of several other mods. Work is currently being done on the third version of the mod, which aims to completely change it with a whole new map covering the Balkans and Asia Minor and whole new 7 factions from the year 700, including the Avars, the Khazars, the Slavs, the all-time favourite Byzantines, the rising Arabs and, naturally, Danubian Bulgaria and Kuber's Bulgars.


  • Version 3.0 has a projected release of unknown
  • Version 2.0 was released on July 22nd, 2008
  • Version 1.1 was released in Q1 2008
  • Version 1.0 was released in Q1 2008

Included Mods

  • Xenophonia mod
  • Early and High Unique Skins & Knights & K&K
  • Ultimate AI 1.5
  • Real Combat 1.3
  • Field Cost Script

External Links

Bulgaria: Total War at TWC


Bulgarian warriors
Bulgarian warriors
Bulgarian warriors
Bulgarian warriors
Strategic map
Strategic map
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