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There are four playable factions in the first part of the trilogy:

The developers have also said that they hope to implement 16 factions, which they are is unknown.


The only confirmed DLC factions are the Warriors of Chaos.

Unplayable factions

Unplayable factions are also mirrors of each faction but some are unique like Bretonnia.

Greenskins: - Teef Snatchaz - Red Fangs - Black Venom - Orcs of the bloody hand - Scabby Eye - Bloody Spearz - Top Knots - Crooked Moon - Skullmasherz - Broken Nose - Red Eye - Necksnapperz

The Empire:

- Averland - Stirland - Hochland - Ostermark - Ostland - Talabecland - Wissenland - Nordland - Marienburg - Middenland - Empire Secessionists (akin to Rebels of earlier TW titles)

The Dwarfs:

- Karak Azul - Karak Izor - Karak Hirn - Karak Norn - Karak Kadrin - Karak Ziflin - Kraka Drak - Barak Varr - Zhufbar

Vampire Counts:

- Templehof - Schwartshafen - Mousillon

Other non-playable factions:

Brettonnian factions:

- Brettonnia - Bordeleaux - Bastonne - Artois - Parravon - Lyonesse - Carcassonne

- Border Princes - Tilea - Estalia - Kislev

(Norscan factions)

- Vargs - Skaelings

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