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Content Artist

Badges/Staff Roles:Citizen, Civitate, Artifex, Patrician, Content Artist
House:The Imperial House of Hader
Patron of:KDK, Navajo Joe, Swagger
Forum Profile:Here


Cedric37 was patronized by y2day of The Imperial House of Hader. He is the patron of KDK, Swagger, and Navajo Joe. He is known on TWC for his incredible work as an artist in the modding community and for his graphics workshop.

Games Owned

Rome: Total War,

Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion,

Rome: Total War Alexander,

Medieval 2: Total War,

Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms

Current/Former Badges and Badged Roles

Badge Description
3K Citizen.png Citizens are honoured for their contributions to TWC.
3K Artifex.png The Artifex badge is intended for use by Citizens who wish to indicate that their major contribution to TWCenter is modifying Total War Games
3K Civitate.png The Civitate badge is intended for use by Citizens who wish to indicate that their major contribution to TWCenter is discussion or participation in the Common Community
3K Patrician.png The Patrician badge is intended for use by Citizens who also have received a Large Award(s); Opifex, Phalera, Asterix's Loincloth, and Novus. All former Administrators who have served at least 6 months are also eligible to use it.
3K Content Artist.png Content Artists fulfill site's needs for 2D art, such as on the Front Page or for a Community Competition


Award Type Reason
File:Blank Blank TO DO
File:Blank Blank TO DO

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