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Cherokee Nations (ETW Faction)

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Cherokee Nations (ETW Faction)
CherokeeNations FlagETW.png
Name: Cherokee Nations
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: Native American

The Cherokee Nations is an unplayable minor faction in the Empire: Total War.


The Cherokee Indians are a large tribe composed of three territories between Louisiana and the Thirteen Colonies. Great Britain must conquer the Cherokee (as well as New France and Georgia) for the Thirteen Colonies to join it. The Cherokee nations are playable in the Warpath expansion. The Cherokee tend to mass large armies at their regions in a short amount of time, making it essential to take them out in the early game before they can do so, or in the late game with properly equipped armies.

The Cherokee are potentially very dangerous and troublesome foes. As with the other Native American nations, their melee infantry are formidable and would give any European unit type a run for their money in hand-to-hand combat; their bowmen are deadly, can skirmish, and have a longer range than conventional line infantry. In addition, their general's bodyguards possess much more men than that of European general's bodyguards, and are some of the best units in the game, capable of taking down dozens of soldiers with them. It is not even possible to take advantage of the AI by attacking them and forcing them to take cover behind low walls, as such structures simply don't exist in the Americas. Finally, it is not always an economically good idea to invade Native American territories, as their lands are almost guaranteed to be very poorly developed due to inferior technology and not worth much money upon acquisition.

Fighting the Cherokee (and any other Native American faction) with elite light infantry such as riflemen (to counteract their bowmen), and healthy amounts of advanced artillery to thin out their lines and morale before the melee engagements begin, can be a very good idea. In the early game, where neither are available, the only option is to fight them on their own terms--in melee. The results can be pyrrhic at best and masochistic at worst, especially if proper bayonets have not been researched first.

Starting Position

Basics at start

  • Protectorates – None
  • Allies – None
  • Trade PartnersLouisiana, Iroquois Confederacy, Thirteen Colonies
  • EnemiesSpain, New Spain, Pueblo Nations, Pirates
  • Religion – Animism
  • Government – Absolute Monarchy
  • Ruler – Catecahassa I (Chieftan)
  • Population – 16,693
  • Prosperity - Destitute
  • Prestige – Feeble
  • Treasury – 8000
  • Technology – None
  • Gentlemen – None
  • Rakes – None

America Theatre

Chicasa, Cherokee Territory
  • Starting Buildings – Hunting Grounds
  • Infrastructure – Not Developed
  • Population – 6,152
  • Wealth – 602
  • Religion – Animism 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsDahlonega Mines (Not Developed), Atoka Farmland (Subsistence Farms), Casseta (Craft Workshops Smiths)
  • Later Villages/PortsTuckabatchee (Village), Autiamique (Village), Catucto (Port)
  • PlantationsRabbit Ridge Plantation (Small Cotton Plantation)
Tellico, Kaintuck Territory
  • Starting Buildings – Hunting Grounds
  • Infrastructure – Not Developed
  • Population – 6,015
  • Wealth – 443
  • Religion – Animism 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsKanawha Farmland (Not Developed), Sycamore Shoals (Craft Workshops Smiths)
  • Later Villages/PortsLexington (Village)
  • PlantationsLost Creek Plantations (Small Cotton Plantation)
Savannah, Georgia
  • Starting Buildings – Hunting Grounds
  • Infrastructure – Not Developed
  • Population – 4,526
  • Wealth – 0
  • Religion – Animism 35.0%, Protestantism 75.0%
  • Starting Towns/Ports – None
  • Later Villages/PortsSt. Mary’s (Port)
  • PlantationsSwainesboro Plantation (Not Developed)
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