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Chivalry: Total War

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ChivTW Banner.jpg

Chivalry: Total War
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraMedieval (1072-1222 AD)
Mod Leader DaVinci
Release Status Released
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:
ChivTW Map.jpg

Chivalry:Total War, also known as ChivTW or Chivalry 1: Total War, is a mod for Rome: Total War.


The Chivalry: Total War project was started in October 2004 right after Rome: Total War was released. The original intention of the mod was to add medieval themed custom battles and unit to the game, along with multiplayer compatibility, and this is what it was between 2004 and 2006. 2006 was the most active year for development of the mod, as the first version with an actual campaign was released early on, as well as customised cities and various patches. Things got quieter after that, with many developers leaving. Development can continued since then however, right up to the release of version 1.05 in 2010. A number of sub-mods made by the development team have been released, as well as a full blown new campaign when Chivalry-Total War:Fall of the Cross and Rise of the Crescent was released in February 2011.


ChivTW was started as the Medieval: Total War multiplayer mod on Rome: Total War, is the original and famous total conversion of the RomeTW engine: simulating the medieval era of 1072 to 1222 AD. It featurs a very immersive and challenging campaign experience and design as well as gameplay with a unique style, while still keeping partly the Medieval: Total War atmosphere. It is intended to bring the player into the middle-age world of feudal oppression, martial law, crusades, corruption, the Spanish Reqonquista, the Seljuk invasion of Asia Minor and much more, as well as some chivalric behaviour of the knights. It is playable with Rome: Total War 1.5, Barbarian Invasion 1.6 and Alexander 1.7.

Fall of the Cross, Rise of the Crescent

This is a major sub-mod (in fact its developers believe that it has outgrown that term) for ChivTW, made by many of the same team members as for the original mod, as well as its fans. Taking place from 1191 to 1315 AD, basically from where the original mod leaves off, it concentrates on the Crusades, and as such adds plenty of new historical events including Mongol invasions and the German invasion of Sicily amongst other things. As well as things like a new intro movie that one could expect from a sub-mod of this scale, it also includes the exemplary battle enviroments from Roma Surrectum II for added realism and detail on the battle map. It also adds a "very hard" Teutonic Campaign and a background script to influence what happens in the campaign. To further enhance gameplay for the Holy Roman Empire and the Normans, a new trait system is included (which a faction system named "Guelph and Ghibellines" built into it). New units also include Knights in full Plate Armour, which can be unlocked by advancing up the tech tree. For more details of this sub-mod, see this thread.


This mod is playable with any up to date version of Rome: Total War and is completely modfoldered, meaning that the vanilla files are not overwritten and one can have several mods installed at once.

  • The interface, text, pictures, music, voicemods, strat and battle maps, units, settlements, buildings, tech trees, events, characters, traits and religions have all be updated and overhauled to give the game a fully authentic medieval appearance.
  • 20 playable factions from the time of the Crusades, including the Holy Roman Empire, the Franks, Norman England, Aragon, Fatimid Egypt, the Turks, the Berbers and a great many more.
  • Historical campaign atmosphere with numerous historical events and correct starting positions for the time.
  • Upgraded AI in combat as on the campaign map (including naval invasions).
  • Custom battles including the Battle of Hastings.
  • The mod is also multiplayer compatible, as was its original intention.


Active Developers

  • Bull3pr00f de Bodemloze-creator of FCRC and more ChivTW based mods, forum moderation.
  • Pompeius Magnus-graphics (ancillaries, buildings), ancillary coding, descriptions, historical research, testing; management assistence (for 0.98); forum moderator (all ChivTW forums).
  • Athenogoras-conceptions, coding, descriptions, graphics, unit model/texture-changes; forum moderator (all ChivTW forums); currently semi-retired.
  • DaVinci-conceptions, coding, descriptions, graphics; design manager v0.4x to v1.051; forum moderator (all ChivTW forums); currently semi-retired.

Other Members

  • Alavaria-testing (official beta tester)
  • Atterdag-graphics (events, ancilliaries), ancilliary coding
  • Basileios-skinning/modelling units, coding, historical research
  • BNS-graphics (frontend, interface ui, ancilliaries), ancilliary coding, skinning units (flag bearers)
  • Cathar1209-creating additional historical event messages (post version 1.051)
  • Uranos-graphics (unit cards+icons, map enhancements)

Voicemod team

Honorary members

Included Mods

ChivTW includes the units from Crusader: Total War.

Visual Material

Battle Images


There are more screenshots in the ChivTW Screenshot thread.

External Links

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