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Chivalry II: The Sicilian Vespers

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Chivalry II: The Sicilian Vespers
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
Mod Leader SicilianVespers
Release Status Version 3.3
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The Chivalry II: The Sicilian Vespers modification for Medieval II: Total War features campaigns from the Late Dark Ages, Early, High and Late Middle-ages and the Early and High Renaissance. Sicilian Vespers alters and adds content for the campaign map, factions, units, combat, traits&ancillaries, characters, tech-tree, buildings, scripts, graphics. Various minimods are included in order to improve the overall quality of the mod.


Through the use of many mini-mods and the creations of the team, Chivalry II: The Sicilian Vespers features a lot of unique features, units, graphics and more. Amongst them are:

  • 5 new factions: The Catalans/Kingdom of Aragon, The Angevins/County of Anjou, The Armenian/Kingdom of Armenia, The Serbs/Zupanate of Serbia, The Bulgarians/Tsardom of Bulgaria.
  • 6 Different Time-periods: Late Dark Age, Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages, Early Renaissance, High Renaissance.
  • SicilianVespers Launcher menu, for era configuration.
  • Six new provinces: Malta, Majorca, Corfu, Negroponte, Morea, Chios.
  • DB Heraldry for Regions & Provinces, including: Heraldry for all regions, new ancillary images, royal titles for factions (non-transferable).
  • Other transferable royal titles, for example: King of Bohemia, Duke of Burgundy, King of Jerusalem and many more.
  • Caliph titles: Caliph of Cairo, Caliph of Bagdad, Caliph of Cordoba
  • Byzantium Armor Progression
  • Burrek's Knights & Knaves


The SV team has chosen to use a new map, provided by the Regions & Provinces map mini-mod.


The Sicilian Vespers upgrades the AI using the Improved AI by the Ultimate AI mini-mod.

Mod Team

Mod Creator, Leader and Director:

Coding, Scripting, Mapping and Skinning
Implementing of Sub/Mini-Mods etc.


Ex Co Leader
Coding (Combat and Tech-Tree Balancing)
Mod Design Consulting (internal since ca. v1.2)
  • Lorre - Developer
Dev version testing+consulting, unit skinning, graphics designing, focus faction consulting Genoa + Italians
Inactive since internal SV 2.6
  • Extended Team, betatesting + consulting within the beta testing forum
Drtad - testing, consulting Armenia/Asia Minor/Near-East, helps moderating public forum, modding assistance planned
Drak - currently inactive, eventually modding planned
Karo - testing
Basileios - testing/consulting everything of and around Byzantium
Taneda Santoka - testing
beezneez - testing/focus Renaissance campaign
Greenstone11 - testing
Quark - testing, modding assistance planned
Sultan Saigon - testing
Duke Gibbons - testing
Atterdag - consulting Scandinavia, modding assistance planned
IkusaIX - testing
Germanicus - testing
Sosobra -testing
masterproctor77 - testing
The Fuzz - testing
palatinae - testing
Basileos (another one) - testing
ConstantineVII - testing
Trygvasson - testing
Many thanks go also, for betatesting internal SV 2.1.x versions, to: notger, butcher and Fuzz.

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