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Claimants, heirs & Conquerors: Tempesta` Mediterreano`

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Claimants, heirs & Conquerors: Tempesta` Mediterreano`
Platform M2TW Kingdoms
Mod Type Total conversion
Mod Leader Druvatar
Release Status In Development
Mod FolderedYes
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Claimants,heirs & Conquerors: Tempesta` Meditterraneo (ChC:TM) is a mod with new content in almost all aspects of the game, including a new large map which focuses on Italy, the Alps & Central Meditterranean, new factions as well as the traditional ones from Italy, Germany, France, Eastern Europe, Iberia & North Africa.


Campaign Map.
Regions Preview

ChC:TM is set during the Renaissance era with a focus on Italy & the Italian city states but the map is huge (510x485) and has 199 regions. It includes Southern Germany, Eastern Iberia, Southern France, North Africa & part of Eastern Europe (the central Meditterranean basin), many new events and features all new loading screens and graphical content.



  1. Genova
  2. Venice
  3. Florence
  4. Vatican
  5. Napoli
  6. Milan
  7. Sicilia
  8. Republic of Ragusa
  9. Pisa
  10. Il Ducato Di Caliabra


  1. Le Comte` Burgun` (Burgundy)
  2. Le Duchie De Aquitaine
  3. Le Dauphine`
  4. Le Duchie De Savoy


  1. Corona De Aragon
  2. Corona De Espana`


  1. Kongriech Bohmen (Bohemia)
  2. Herzogtum Von Saxony

Eastern European

  1. hungary


  1. Zayyanid Dynasty
  2. Hafsid Dynasty

Video Preview

ChC:TM Preview An intriguing 8 minutes video preview for ChC:TM that was released officially on May 15, 2010 by the Mod Leader Druvatar.




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