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Clansmen (ETW Unit)

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Clansmen (ETW Unit)
Highland clansmen.png
Class Melee Infantry
Unit Size 160 Men
Weaponry Swords
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Charge Bonus
Region Scotland
Recruitment Cost 780
Upkeep Cost 190
Turns to Build
Unit Limit
Building Requirements Magistrate
Technology Requirements None
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Can hide in light scrub

  • Highland clansmen thumb.png These fierce Highland warriors intimidate all enemies with their wild skirling attacks and barbarous apparel.


    Highland clans are the last tribal society in Western Europe. Men fight for their chieftains because they are expected to defend their clans’ honour and lands. They fight for these in the same way that they have done for centuries: with the broadsword and buckler, pistol, and Lochaber axe. There is little that regular line troops find as disturbing as the sight of a clan bearing down on them, screaming their hate and defiance. Highland Scots are brave, hard men.

    Historically, the clans were destroyed as a military force at Culloden in 1746, by both British regulars and other, loyalist clansmen. The romance of the clans died on the field, along with a great many men who hurled themselves into a storm of lead and cannonballs armed with nothing more than swords. The clansmen were then repeatedly betrayed and used by their own chiefs, and then eventually driven off the land when sheep became more profitable. Highlanders were forced to scatter across the world, taking their fighting traditions with them.


    Clansmen are a Melee Infantry unit available only to Scotland. Scotland itself becomes a faction once it rebels successfully. Their decent melee skills mean that they have the ability to hold their own in melee, but once bayonets have been researches by other nations then the Clansmen will lose their advantage. They should be used to engage other units in melee and will likely defeat them if supported. However they should not charge Line Infantry head on, especially when other nations research better drills, as teh result will be disastrous for the clansmen.


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