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Company Cavalry (ETW Unit)

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Company Cavalry (ETW Unit)
EIC Cavalry.jpg
Class Cavalry
Unit Size 60 Men
Weaponry Sabers
Morale 7
Melee Attack 11
Ranged Attack N/A
Defence 8
Charge Bonus 12
Accuracy N/A
Range N/A
Ammunition N/A
Region India
Recruitment Cost 950
Upkeep Cost 280
Turns to Build 1
Unit Limit None
Building Requirements Barracks
Technology Requirements None
  • Can Hide in Woodland
  • Resistant to Heat Fatigue
  • Can Form Wedge Formation'
  • Can Form Diamond Formation

  • Euro company cavalry icon cavs.pngRecruited to fight in India, company cavalry are mercenaries fighting for the great trading companies.


    The officers and men in these units are Europeans, not locals, even though these regiments are raised in India. They are supposedly more reliable than native levies when defending European interests.

    Company cavalry are equipped in European rather than Indian fashion; they fight as light, saber-armed cavalry. Their tasks include acting as scouts, screening the main body of an army, and pursuing fleeing enemies – taking a saber to someone already running away is likely to keep him running! It is not their main job to break enemy units or to fight other cavalry.

    By 1700, the great European trading companies were so huge they could afford armies of their own, separate from the national army. The British East India Company, the Dutch “Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie” (VOC) and the French “La Compagnie française des Indes orientales” all had armies, fleets and forts in India and the far east. The Dutch felt it profitable to have one fifth of their employees in uniform, and the other companies were not far behind.


    Company Cavalry are the basic cavalry recruitable by the European powers in the Indian subcontinent. They are a fine Light Cavalry unit, capable of using their speed and agility to chase down routing units and take out enemy artillery pieces. However due to their lack of armor they should not be expected to outclass an enemy unit of Heavy Cavalry. In addition to this they should only combat enemy Line Infantry when the unit is wavering.


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