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Corleone joined TWC on 12 June 2008, as KnightOfSicily. He is most widely known as a founding member and local moderator for God Save The King, a medieval English RPG.

Along with Caesar226 and King Paul IV, Corleone (or KOS, as he was known at the time, an abbreviation of KnightOfSicily) founded God Save The King in early July of 2008. Of the three, Corleone was the most influential, as he introduced England as a candidate during the faction selection, and also coined the name 'God Save The King'. Later, in November 2008, Corleone attempted to start an RPG of his own, a Venetian game titled 'Il Serinisima Republica Veneta', which failed shortly thereafter due to lack of interest.

Corleone became a Content Writer on 31 January 2009, as the Arts forum correspondent for the Helios.

As a member, Corleone is considered benevolent and kind toward others. He is very opinionated and occasionally vehemently conveys his opinions on topics of discussion.

Corleone's Profile

It is rumored that this humble Sicilian Knight may have discovered the Holy Grail (Also known as Shambhala), but it is unknown if Shambhala even exists.

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