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Creative Assembly

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The Creative Assembly are the developers of the Total War gaming series.

Total War Center currently has 9 Creative Assembly members on the site. Their job is to inform other members about news and updates regarding the Total War games.

Ca team rahl.png

Present Membership

A list of CA's employees with an account at TWC can be found here.

About the Company

The Creative Assembly (CA) are a leading computer games developer based in Sussex in the UK, with an Australian office in Brisbane. Tim Ansell founded the company in 1987, and has managed its progress ever since. The company has steadily expanded and in early 2007 had over 70 permanent staff.

Creative Assembly games were initially published by EA, then by Activision, and are now published by Sega.

The Creative Assembly produced; FIFA, Rugby World Cup 1995, Australian Rules Football 98 (AFL98), AFL99, Cricket World Cup 99, and Rugby 2001 games, which were published by EA.

They created the entire Total War series of games, publishing of which was initially under Activision with the later versions published by Sega.

Since being purchased by Sega the Creative Assembly have also produced Spartan: Total Warrior which is the first in a new franchise of console games. They describe the Total Warrior franchise as "...takes the core brand values of epic cinematic battles from Total War and redefines them for console producing a new genre of epic combat games."

Contact details

  • The Creative Assembly, Weald House, Southwater Business Park, Southwater Nr. Horsham, West Sussex RH13 9JB.
  • Tel# (+44)(01403)734473
  • Fax#(+44)(01403)734477
  • E-mail: info@creative-assembly.co.uk
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