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DarthMod RTW

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DarthMod RTW
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
Release Status v9.0.1
Forum / Thread Here

Created by DARTH VADER with little help it aims to create a mod concerned with able tactical mad AI. DarthMod is a unique double modification for both RTW-BI. That means if you own both Rome:Total War and its expansion Barbarian Invasion, you get the chance to play 2 full modifications for them which enhance them very much in terms of gameplay and graphics.


DarthMod 8.1 was released in this thread on September 22, 2006. The latest version (v9.0.1) was released on November 19, 2012.


The mod is a complete overhaul for the vanilla Rome: Total War. It provides an enhanced AI -including unique formations for the enemy to use-, new maps and campaigns, new graphics and features, new historical battles and other changes.



You can play as the following factions:

Rome Total War

Roman Factions

House of Julii, House of Brutii, House of Scipii

Barbarian Factions

Gauls, Germans, Britons, Spain, Dacia

Greek Factions

Greeks, Macedonians, Kingdom of Pontus

African Factions

Egyptians, Numidia, Carthage

Eastern Factions

Armenia, Parthia, Scythia, Thrace, Seleucids

Barbarian Invasion

Roman Factions

Eastern Roman Empire, Western Roman Empire

Barbarian Factions

Huns,Goths, Sarmatians, Vandals, Frankish Tribes, Saxons, Celts, Sassanid Empire, Rhoxolani, Burgundii, Berbers, Allemanni Tribes, Lombardi


  • The CAI has been enhanced, and now uses custom formations.
  • The fatigue system has been changed and balanced. Now units won't tire as fast.
  • Elephant units have been balanced to make them less powerful.
  • More realistic unit battle movement speed.
  • The mass system is greatly enhanced and reflects better the violence/tension/ferocity of the hellenistic era melees.
  • The balance of some units have been changed: Romans now have more morale and critical hit ability, Macedon’s cavalry is more powerful,...


  • Peasants removed from recruiting queue.
  • The Indian female archers are removed.

The Team

Darth Vader
Grand Duke Vytautas
Kaweh K.
Signifer One

Visual Material

External Links

DarthMod at TWC

Official Facebook Page

Official Twitter Page

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