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DarthMod M2TW

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DarthMod for M2TW is a mod that attempts to provide a more complete experience will still keeping the vanilla feel.

DarthMod M2TW
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
Release Status 1.4D
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DarthMod for M2TW final version was released on the 5th of September 2007, It has had It's own hosted mod since the 19th of December 2006.


DarthMod for M2TW is the successor of the well known RTW mod series which aims to find game-play inconsistencies and eliminate them using balance and AI techniques. Changes have been made to the map, the factions and the unit rosters. DARTH VADER uses various tweaks to the AI to get them to behave in a more suitable manner. For the Battle AI he makes use of formations to make it more challenging. The Campaign AI is able to make use of bigger armies rather than individual one stack armies as seen in vanilla.


DarthMod adds several notable features.


DarthMod for M2TW features 2 maps designed by The Border Review. The map features 45 new settlements along with various fixes to the original map. Militia are free in cities to ensure the AI doesn't lose all of it's cities in a few turns to a sneak attack. The factions themselves have been edited to allow various historical traits such as a focus on quality or quantity to be reflected. Muslims have cheap foot armies while some European states have higher quality armies.


  • Rivers have been added from Ireland to Russia.
  • All rivers have had their shape made as correct as possible.
  • Provinces use geographic boundaries for a more natural look.
  • Mountains have been lowered in the British Isles to allow for better movement.

Battle Balance

DarthMod features a very well developed battle system. DarthMod has very realistic clashing of infantry and cavalry, penetration effects, realistic speed and movements among others. Cavalry no longer charge as haphazardly as they did in Vanilla and when they hit It's much more potent.

Battle AI

DARTH VADER is well known for his intlelligent battle AI and DarthMod for M2TW is no different. DARTH VADER has used extensive modding and tweaks to get the balance just right. Extensive use of scripts is used for varied battles. The AI makes use of formations and is a credible threat, it also uses flanking and re-positions units.

Campaign AI

The campaign AI has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

  • The AI uses full stacks to invade when it has decided through a number of factors whether it can win.
  • The Pope has been fixed so that he no longer attacks fellow Christians.
  • The AI will attempt to be more diplomatic and won't reject every offer.
  • Re balanced income for AI factions so they aren't always super rich.
  • The AI will engage in alliances and will form "blocs" and support each other

The Team

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Visual Material

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External Links

DarthMod for M2TW forum at TWC

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