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Denmark (M2TW Faction)

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Denmark (M2TW Faction)
Denmark's Faction Symbol
Name: Kingdom of Denmark
From Game: Medieval II: Total War
Culture: Northern European

Game Play

Starting Position

Insert Starting Position Image Here

Denmark controls Jutland and surrounding regions near the Baltic Sea.

Their cities are:

  • Arhus: Danish Capital; Region - Arhus Province

Victory Conditions

  • Long Campaign: Hold 45 regions including Jerusalem.
  • Short Campaign: Hold 20 regions and outlast or destroy Holy Roman Empire


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  • Infantry
    • Peasants
    • Viking Raiders
    • Town Militia
    • Spear Militia
    • Swordstaff Militia
    • Norse Swordsmen
    • Norse Axemen
    • Obudshaer
    • Dismounted Feudal Knights
    • Dismounted Huscarls
  • Cavalry
    • Scouts
    • Feudal Knights
    • Chivalric Knights
    • Huscarls
    • Norse War Clerics
    • Mounted Crossbowmen
  • Missile
    • Peasant Archers
    • Crossbowmen
    • Crossbow Militia
    • Norse Archers
    • Ballista
    • Catapult
    • Trebuchet
  • Gunpowder
    • Arquebusiers
    • Hand Gunners
    • Bombard
    • Ribault
    • Cannon
    • Serpentine
  • Naval
    • Longboat
    • Dragon Boat
    • Gunholk
    • Carrack
  • Bodyguard
    • Bodyguard
    • General's Bodyguard
  • Guild
    • Knights Templar
    • Knights Hospitaller
    • Merchant Cavalry Militia
  • Other
    • Dismounted Chivalric Knights
  • Local Mercenaries
    • Mercenary Crossbowmen
    • Mercenary Knights
    • Mercenary Arquebusiers
    • Mercenary Pavise Crossbowmen
    • Mercenary Ribault
    • Mercenary Spearmen

Faction overview

Strengths: Has a good mix of pikes, spears, ranged units and heavy infantry with access to powerful Norse units. Quite a secure starting position with regions to the north that are ripe for conquest. Has good access to the sea and sea trade, meaning Denmark can be a wealthy nation. Good secure position from which to strike at Europe.

Weaknesses: Like the Scots, has only one region to begin the game with and no castle. Scandinavian regions are not as profitable as others and lack valuable resources. Very close to their toughest rival, The Holy Roman Empire. Quite far from the holy lands and somewhat isolated from the rest of the world.

Conclusion: The Danes will find it easy to take the northern regions to consolidate their hold over Scandinavia. Expansion past this point however will not be so easy. Denmark can expect to come into contact with The Holy Roman Empire very early on and later in the game, the Poles and even the Russians. Denmark will need to stand firm in the face of foreign expansion and forays into Danish territory to eventually make there way to the rich holy lands and win the campaign.

Strategy guides

Faction Details

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Denmark Details (M2TW Faction)

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