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Denmark Details (M2TW Faction)

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1024px-Unbalanced scales.svg.png This is a Faction Details article or section.
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Have a look at the main Denmark page for general information and facts regarding this faction.


Denmark is a Catholic faction north of the Holy Roman Empire. It starts with only one settlement, Arhus, and its three adjacent neighboring territories start as rebels. Because of its limited expansion, conflict with other factions will likely be inevitable early on. However Denmark is a considerably advantaged early-game faction due to its unit roster.


Denmark's units are infantry-based and feature some unique units such as the Norse War Clerics, heavy cavalry trained from any settlement with an Abbey, Swordstaff Militia, a hybrid of the English Billmen and conventional Pikemen. Early period Danish infantry are mostly heavy infantry, allowing the faction to compete with larger neighboring factions at a more aggressive level, but they are also very skilled in defensive siege battles. Denmark also has two unique naval units, the Dragonboat and Longboat, alongside the normal complement of vessels.


Like all Catholic factions, Denmark can go on Crusades, can have its Cardinals elected Pope, can suffer excommunication, and be susceptible to Inquisitor prosecutions on its characters.


Because Denmark's unique units are featured early-game, late-game units can win against Danish infantry rather easily. Most of Denmark's unique units are attack-based such as the Norse War Clerics, Norse Axemen and Huscarls, although units like the Swordstaff Militia and Obudshaer are units that can hold their ground. Strategies as Denmark will emphasize aggressive expansion and fighting otherwise numerically and technologically superior enemies, siezing settlements and destroying armies before they become too strong. The first step as Denmark should be to sieze the castle of Hamburg to the south to immediately gain the abiltiy to train quality troops.

Strategies against Denmark revolve around the use of missile units and knights, as most early-period Danish infantry are poorly armoured and vulnerable to knight charges and missile. Seizing a Danish castle can severely cripple Denmark's ability to field powerful units, as cities can offer only Swordstaff militia, who are vulnerable to missiles and flanking, and Norse War Clerics trained from an Abbey, which lack a powerful charge. Denmark's greatest weakness, then, is it's reliance on castles to train quality troops.

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