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Dismounted Feudal Knights (M2TW Unit)

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Dismounted Feudal Knights (M2TW Unit)
Dismounted feudal knights info.png
Class Heavy Infantry
Unit Size 48
  • Sword
  • Morale 9
    Melee Attack 13
    Ranged Attack NA
    Defence 21
    Charge Bonus 3
    Accuracy NA
    Range NA
    Ammunition NA
    Region Global
    Recruitment Cost 570
    Upkeep Cost 225
    Turns to Build 1
    Unit Limit 6
    Building Requirements
  • Fortress
  • Technology Requirements None
  • Can withdraw
  • Hardy
  • Hide forest
  • Sea faring

  • Unit Description

    Unit card "Knights would often dismount and fight on foot when the situation demanded it. Dismounted they make excellent heavy infantry."


    Dismounted Feudal Knights are your standard heavy infantry for all western European factions(see complete faction list below). They have good attack and defence stats and will form the basis of your armies. While they may not be quite as strong as some of the elite infantry in the game, Dismounted Feudal Knights do offer a cheaper, and more importantly a more readily available alternative. They will most probably be the first heavy sword infantry unit available to you and so, can be quite valuable in early to mid game.

    They can be placed on walls for settlement defence or be used to attack when besieging. They will perform adequately against light cavalry and they will also defeat any earlier tier infantry, crushing most with little effort. In melee they will do decently against heavy cavalry as well. However they should not be left open for a rear charge from heavy cavalry, and even a frontal charge can inflict high casualties. When facing heavy cavalry it is best to have some spearmen such as Mercenary Spearmen nearby to move in in case of a charge.

    Their versatility is their greatest strength and while there may be slightly stronger units available, their higher building requirements often make Dismounted Feudal Knights the better choice until very late in the game when most Castles are highly developed. For that reason Dismounted Feudal Knights should be the infantry core of an army for most of the campaign. Overall, they are a strong, versatile unit, which is available in early game.

    Sicily has a unit Dismounted Norman Knights; they are identical and should be used in the exact same way.


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