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Divide et Impera

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Divide et Impera (DeI) is a complete overhaul for Total War: Rome 2 that aims to create a more historically accurate, realistic, and fun experience for players.


The mod started out as a companion mod for Ars Gratia Artis (AGA) in battle mechanics and unit textures, until the the team realized that it has become more than just a companion mod. It had become a fully fledge project with the same dedication, and passion that other highly-esteemed Total war mods are known for. It released its first version on November 18th 2013.


Divide et Impera(Divide and Rule) brings a lot of changes to Total War:Rome 2 by altering the battle, and campaign mechanics. With better graphics, a new reform system, faction overhaul, longer and intense campaign, realistic unit behaviour and an emphasis on strategy.

It is not compatible with mods that change: battle dynamics, campaign dynamics and external unit packs.


DeI allows users to make any changes to the mod to suit their taste. It uses its own version of TTT.


  • Seasons are implemented with a four turn per year. It affects the general's army by inflicting a harsh movement penalty. Each province has a random chance of getting good, bad or normal seasons whith each season's effect varying depending on the location the army is on the map.
  • Resources such as wine, timber and salt and many more are acquired through either trade or conquest depending on the land they are in. This allows the construction of resource buildings.
  • Armies use 1 food in the region they are in unless they are garrisoned. That allows replenishment of units, ammunition while giving various bonuses on culture, but gives a negative effect on public order.

units have a limit on the number of units there can be in an army.

  • Dignitaries can now act as governors, and be deployed in provinces to increase their skills and help improve public order, cultural conversion and many other aspects.
  • Reform system affects the type of units that are available for recruitment. This is affected by the Imperium level, and the number of turns. Each faction has a certain target in order to trigger a unit/culture reform (Polybia, Marian, Imperial). Once reached the old units will no longer be available for recruitment. This is INDEPENDENT from the tech tree.
  • Recruitment of certain units are only available in certain regions and require a definite amount of your faction's culture. The exception are regions that are historically that culture such as Greek troops.
  • Mercenary units can be recruited by any faction. ALthough Carthage and Egypt have special privileges for factional mercenaries that they can recruit anywhere.

Battle Mechanics

  • Each faction will have its own strength and weaknesses as well as its own fighting style which changes the speed of battle. The AI will appropriately use unit formations when necessary to attack the player while getting rid of the "arcade" abilities. Making strategy essential for victory.

Units have received a graphic overhaul to represent them historically while increasing the army size of the unit.

The Team

Selea (Lead Designer, Game Design Director, Scripting Director)

Epaminondas The Oblique (Historical Direction, Marketing Director, Team Management)

Meneros (Artistic Design Director, Modeler Director)

Dresden (World Design Director, Campaign Director)

Xil0 (Resources Director, Campaign Designer)

Ritter Floh (Artistic Designer, Model Designer, Re-skinner)

Hadrien Ier (Artistic Designer, Model Designer, Re-skinner)

m-1512 (UI Designer, Unit Cards Director)

The Dutchman (Animations Director)

Sadlogic (QC Director)

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