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Drydock (FOTS)

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Drydock (FOTS)
File:Drydock FOTS.png
Chain Port Type
Requires Buildings:
  • MilitaryPort
  • Arts:
  • Iron Plating
  • Resources:
  • Iron
  • Enables Units:
  • Gun Boat - Chiyodagata-Class
  • Torpedo Boat - Chiyodagata-Class
  • Armoured Corvette - Kanko Maru-Class
  • Armoured Corvette - Kanrin Maru-Class
  • Armoured Corvette - Kaiten-Class
  • Armoured Corvette - Kasuga-Class
  • Armoured Frigate - Kaiyo Maru-Class
  • Ironclad - Kotetsu-Class
  • Spawned Defence Forces -
    Basic Building Statistics
  • Cost: 12500
  • Improves export capacity (increases trade values) by +180
  • +5 per turn to town growth from trade within this province
  • +1 to possible trade routes (sea)
  • Recruitment capacity (ship under construction): +3
  • Coastal defences will be disabled once the port's health falls to 30%
  • Coastal defence range: 12
  • Coastal defence level: 3
  • Enables recruitment of Rank 1 Foreign Veteran
  • Clan Effects -
    See main article; FotS Buildings


    The shipwright who commands the waves can build wonders.

    A drydock is an important naval support facility. It allows complicated shipbuilding projects to be undertaken, and the associated port allows for a very substantial amount of trade. Because of its value, it is well provided with coastal defences. A drydock is actually quite a substantial investment for any naval power. For shipbuilding purposes, a vessel can be constructed and then the dock flooded, allowing the vessel to be towed out. Ships for repair can be floated in at high tide through lock gates; the pond is then pumped dry while the ships are propped up on supports. The main drawback of a drydock is the initial cost and its capacity. In effect, it becomes the limiting factor on the size of new ships. Parsimonious politicians are very rarely willing to pay for a ship that will not fit into a dry dock, and even less willing to keep paying for bigger and bigger docks!

    Other Information

    A strong Navy is of paramount importance in the campaign as your clan's economy can, and WILL, be crippled if the enemy is allowed to blockade your ports and raid your trade routes with impunity. Therefore, having a coal-rich province with both a Coking Plant and a Drydock is a great benefit as it allows you to mass-produce ships at a smaller expense than at other provinces that don't have coal. Also, the clan-wide bonus will stack, meaning that you can save more money on shipbuilding if you have more than one Coking Plant.

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