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Economic Stimulation (TW3K Reform)

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Economic Stimulation
3K reform water merchants.png
Wu Xing Element: Water
No of Prior Reforms: 4
Effects: +50% trade influence
Unlocked Units: n/a
Unlocked Buildings: Jade Trading Town
Port Trading Association
Salt Mining Town
Bureau of Trading Associations
Required Buildings: n/a
See Also: Three Kingdoms Reforms Table

Previous Reforms Required:

Icon Reform No* Previous Reforms Required Effect Faction Effect Character Unlocked Units Unlocked Buildings Required Buildings
3K reform water philosophy.png Private Tutors 0 ~ ~ Character Experience +10% Archers ~ County School
3K reform water merchants.png Market Administration 1 Private Tutors Income from Commerce +30% ~ ~ Salt Shaft Mine
Jade Trading Village
Merchant Warehouses
Dock Warehouse
3K reform water philosophy.png Annual Proficiency Reports 1 Private Tutors ~ Character Salary -10% ~ Academy Complex ~
3K reform water philosophy.png Handbook of Excellence 2 Private Tutors
Annual Proficiency Reports
~ Character Salary -10%
Satisfaction Strategists +8
~ Grand Academy ~

Reforms Unlocked

None (End of chain)
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