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Empire: Total War - Modding Index

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Empire: Total War Modding Banner

Tutorials, resources and tools for modding Empire: Total War:

The below listing provides links to tutorials, useful answers to common modding questions, resources and tools, divided by category.

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  • Tutorial = extensive tutorial or guide, step by step how to mod something etc.
  • Answer = short piece on minor topic or answer to frequently asked question.
  • Resource = lists of things that work in-game, docudemons, templates, downloads of helpful starting set-ups etc.
  • Tool = modding tools, for extracting, modifying, verifying, re-packing etc.

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General Information

Mod Set-up and Launching

Common Tools

Tools and associated tutorials that will apply to multiple aspects of the game.


Naval Units




Unit Flags/Banners

Unit Stats and Abilities


Campaign Map (Start Positions)

Whilst the ETW campaign map cannot be re-designed in the same way as earlier Total War games alterations can be made to the starting set-up of regions and armies:

Campaign Elements






Army/Unit Recruitment



Battle Map




This section is for general alterations to the User Interface, for specific individual items e.g. faction flags, please see the sections above.


Text Descriptions

Mid-Campaign Cheats and Preferences Settings

These items are unlikely to be used in modding, but maybe useful for reference or testing:

Tool Support and Format Research

This section includes some of the more obscure tools and information more likely to be of use to tool makers than general modders.


See Also

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