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Empire: Total War Mods

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Modifications for Empire: Total War.
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Table for Empire: Total War Mods

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Sortable Table
Modification Name Hover over icon for info Type Scope Setting Mod Leader/s Registry Download Released / Updated Wiki Page
1800 Napoleonic era mod for Empire: Total War. A natural continuation of the original game related to new units, early XIX century military and social technologies and ideas, evolving recruitment system where Empire and Total War are not just expressions. America, Africa, Asia and Europe await the birth of the spirit of many nations. Historical Mod Overhaul 19th Century (Napoleonic) Bethencourt Entry MediaFire see thread 2015-12-26 1800
American Civil War - The Blue and the Gray Based on the American Civil War1861-1865. A complete overhaul with a detailed new campaign, complete unit models rework including artillery models, historic flags & graphics, new sounds & music, loading-screens, campaign models, quotes, intro-movie and many more features. Historical Mod Overhaul 19th Century ? Entry MODDB or GoogleDrive see thread 2016-03-23 American Civil War - The Blue and the Gray
The American Revolution Mod All in one mod pack with over 180 re-textured and new units added to the United States, Britain, Spain, Hessian, France and Indian factions, unit cards/unit info cards, starting positions and additional units. Historical Mod Overhaul American War of Independence ToonTotalWar, hip63 Entry MODDB see thread 2019-01-04 The American Revolution Mod
A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita Balances combat, morale, and battlefield effects, includes more realistic musket fire. Rebalanced economy includes pricing changes in units, buildings, and research costs. New features include Manpower and Supply. Includes; additional unit textures, improved smoke and sounds, historically accurate battalion/naval flags. Enhancement Overhaul Original ? MediaFire or GameWatcher see thread 2010-11-28 A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita
British East India Company - The Indian Mutiny Based on the Indian Mutiny 1857-1858. It is is an complete overhaul with an detailed new campaign, an complete unit models rework incl. artillery models, historic flags & graphics, new sounds & music, loading-screens, campaign models, quotes, intro-movie and many more features. Historical Mod Total Conversion 19th Century (India) Shokh Entry MEGA or GE.TT see thread 2011-04-30 British East India Company - The Indian Mutiny
Colonialism 1600AD A mod aimed at recreating the atmosphere of 17th century colonial and European warfare. Historical Mod Overhaul 17th Century See Credits MODDB see thread 2018-03-26 Colonialism 1600AD
DarthMod Empire Aims to remove gameplay inconsistencies of the original game and offer better AI, realistic battles and unequaled challenge. Includes optimized land and naval battle systems and improved campaign AI. Enhancement Overhaul Original DARTH VADER Entry MODDB or MediaFire see thread 2013-03-18 DarthMod Empire
Empire Realism Historical Mod Game Play Original Entry MediaFire 2018-02-08 Empire Realism
European Wars 2 Historical Mod Overhaul Original Download 2012-03-27 European Wars 2
Imperial Destroyer A total modification that adds new regions, new features like deseases, disasters, frost and heat attritions, historical events and more. Historical Mod Overhaul Original Lordsith Entry See Thread 2019-01-11 Imperial Destroyer
Imperial Splendour Each faction their own unique roster. Every faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, to ensure no campaign is like the other. Changes based on historical facts. Includes reworked Colonial Recruitment and the Unltimate Artillery Mod. Enhancement Overhaul Original Entry See Thread 2018-07-28 Imperial Splendour
Ottoman Total Overhaul Enhancement Overhaul Original Entry MODDB 2018-06-04 Ottoman Total Overhaul
Regalia of Nations Improves the aesthetic appeal of ETW by reworking the Faction Flags (Regimental, Faction, and Naval), Uniforms, Graphical Effects, Sound, and Music. This is NOT a gameplay altering mod. Enhancement Graphics and Music Original LoneBullet DL Instructions 2009-11-07 Regalia of Nations
The Rights of Man Focused on improving and expanding, not radically revising, the gameplay for Empire Total War to turn it into a more challenging and historical game. Historical Mod Overhaul Original Found on Chinese site see post 2012-07-19 The Rights of Man
The War of 1812 Historical Mod Overhaul 19th Century Entry See Thread (1.0 + patch) MODDB (1.2 demo) 2018-09-20 The War of 1812
StartPos Mods (ETW) Various Various Various See Individual Threads Various StartPos Mods (ETW)
The War To End All Wars Covers the complete Empire: Total War world in the years of the First World War. From 1914 to probably 1920. The campaign will start before the war, but Europe is a powder box. When will it explode? Historical Mod Overhaul 20th Century (WWI) PunitorMaximus FileFactory see thread 2012-05-27 The War To End All Wars
Victoria: Total War Historical Mod Overhaul 19th Century (late) Entry See Thread 2018-03-11 Victoria: Total War
Regiments of American Revolutionary War 1775 -1783 Description here Historical Mod Units (models and skins) Original HighOnTea MODDB see thread 2016-02-16
Vanilla Units Enhanced Comprehensive re-skin of vanilla units for all European nations. Historical Mod Units (re-skin) Original Bavarian Grenadier MediaFire see thread 2015-11-18
Bran's Empire Campaign AI Bran's CAI and BAI as used in his sub mod for Darth Mod Empire by Darth Vader. These have aggressive BAI and CAI for action filled battles and Epic campaign. Better regional development, better diplomacy, better faction expansion,more naval invasions, naval overhaul, artillery overhaul, morale overhaul, new trigger events, stronger Pirates, bug fixs. Enhancement Battle AI and Campaign AI Original Bran Mac Born TWC Attachments see thread 2018-10-19
Minor Factions Revenge Allows play as minor factions and upgrades them to use their own military units able to compete with the major nations. Also adds new ships and buildings plus other features and enhancements. Historical Mod Overhaul Original itan86 MODDB see thread 2013
Shokh Hates Sieges! Deactivates the settlement fortification building slot so city walls can't be built (preventing bugged siege behaviour) Gameplay Tweak Battle Play (walls unbuildable) Original shokh TWC Attachment see post #39 2012-06-19
Star Destroyer Sub-mod for Imperial Destroyer, adds features and various adjustments to the original mod. Sub-Mod of Imperial Destroyer Enhancement Original ATTAREQ MediaFire see thread 2018-09-25
Empire Total Factions A combination of several startpos mods that make all factions playable in Early (normal), Late and Warpath campaigns. With ETF you can play as any faction with a couple of clicks, without replacing, copying or deleting any files. The mod uses its own folder and does not overwrite any vanilla files. Gameplay Tweak Game Play (factions) Original husserlTW FileFactory see thread 2011-08-17
All Factions Unlocked No FOW Bug Enables play as a minor faction without the Fog of War bug. Bug-fix Campaign (Line of Sight) Original TWC Download and MediaFire see post 2009-07-27
Spanish Republican Flag Minimod Swaps the ETW Spanish Republican Flag with the Segunda Republica's one. Add-on Flags (Spanish) Original TWC Download 2009-03-30
Naval Flags Total Conversion New textures for all 61 naval flags. Add-on Flags Original TWC Download 2009-04-19
Preussens Gloria Includes; new horse saddles, new general unit, amended textures, new unit icons, changed stats. Add-on Units (Prussian) Original MediaFire (old version see spoiler) 2012-05-27
French (Bourbon) Mod Re-skin of French Units. Add-on Units (Textures) (French) Original DepositFiles see thread 2009-03-30
Equipment Tweak Mod For units in battles; removes backpacks and bags from European infantry, adds cartridge boxes, adds spontoons for officers. Add-on Units (Accessories) Original TWC Download 2009-05-08
Smoke and Blood Mod Enhanced smoke textures, explosions and blood effects. Add-on Graphics (Battle Effects) Original TWC Attachments 2010-02-28
Larger fonts Increases text size to improve readability. Add-on Graphics (Text) Original TWC Attachments 2009-04-22
Nec Pluribus Impar Add-on Units (French) Original Entry See Post 2015-12-31
Tactical Commander Sub-Mod of Imperial Splendour Battle AI Original Entry See Thread 2016-01-17
African Slave Trade Add-on Graphics & Text (Trade Icons) Original Entry MODDB 2016-01-13
Orange Crush Historical Mod Game Play (Campaign - Maratha restricted) Original Entry MEGA 2015-02-02
No Winters Modification Visually removes the season of winter. Consequently, a battle will also not have any snow on the ground. Add-on Graphics (Map & Battle Map) Original PikeStance Entry TWC Attachment see post 2016-02-19
Sea Power Mod Allows construction of Ship of the Line ships at game start; however, the number that can be constructed is limited based on historical records. Naval technology changed and re-balanced. Historical Mod Game Play (Ships) Original PikeStance Entry TWC Attachment see post 2016-02-19
Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Empire The UPC project is necessary for all languages except English, to allow custom texts added to the game by modders to be displayed in other languages. Provides translations for most Unit Pack Mods, Gameplay Mods and Overhaul Mods. Mod-support Languages Original Swiss Halberdier Entry MediaFire see thread 2018-03-30 Unit Pack Compatibility Project (UPC)
Ornamentum A series of skin packs, intended to add some more units to the game and extend the number of the units that can be recruited in the given countries. Add-on Units Original danova Download Download (Poltava) Download (ER#2) 2012-09-28 Ornamentum
Additional Units Mod Adds custom units and custom ships to the campaign and the custom battle screen and unlocks several vanilla units. Add-on Units Original Swiss Halberdier Entry MediaFire or MODDB see thread 2018-03-14 Additional Units Mod
World Map Mod A visual mod that replaces black areas of the campaign map with real map textures. Add-on Graphics (Map) Original ForteS Entry MediaFire see thread 2011-02-22
V1650 Set in the 17th century, focusing on the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (the Dutch East India Company) and the Netherlands, though other factions are also enhanced. Historical Mod Overhaul 17th Century General Brewster MediaFire see thread 2012-12-23 V1650
Modification Name Hover over icon for info Type Scope Setting Mod Leader/s Registry Download Released/Updated Wiki Page
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