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*Mamla'ha biMassylim
*Mamla'ha biMassylim
*The People of North Africa
*The Romani
*The Bosphoran Kingdom
*The Getai
*The Boii
*The Boii
*The Pritanoi
Additionally, Casse will be replaced by Pritanoi.
Additionally, Casse will be replaced by Pritanoi.

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Come the completion of Europa Barbarorum for RTW, the EB team will move on to M2TW and begin production on the eagerly awaited Europa Barbarorum II. EBII promises to be the graphical and spiritual successor to EB, and will utilize all of the new features that M2TW offers to players.

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Europa Barbarorum II will feature ten new factions or possibly nine with the tenth place being used for scripting purposes, the new factions include:

  • Mamla'ha biMassylim
  • Pergamon
  • The Bosphoran Kingdom
  • The Boii

Additionally, Casse will be replaced by Pritanoi.

The Team


After the Europa Barbarorum I mod team had completed their mod for Rome Total War, they decided to use the advantage of Kingdoms better graphics and gameplay by creating EB2 to compliment the first one.

Official Preview

You can view all of the official previews in this thread.

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