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Export descr ancillaries.txt - M2TW

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M2TW Modding Index

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This file is generated from the Spreadsheet VnV.txt

It is suggested by CA to: "Please modify the spreadsheet and re-export the data, rather than editing this file directly"

This file lists the different ancilleries and their effects. It also lists their triggers but this is not yet covered in this article.

An example: Ancillary accomplice-This is the String reference Type Security-This is the type... I'm guessing this refers to what type of characters can get it and what it does. Judging by this I'm guessing security is stuff that adds to subtefuge and for the most part is ment for spys/assasins.

Transferable 0 -This is not transferable... if this was a 1 then it would be.

Image sex_yangman.tga-The image displayed ingame

ExcludeCultures mesoamerican-These culture cannot get this ancillary... the rest can

Description accomplice_desc-This is the reference to the description string

EffectsDescription accomplice_effects_desc-This is the reference to the affects string

Effect Subterfuge 1-This adds one subtefuge to an agents skill level. Spies get better at spying, assasins get better at killing and sabotage.

Not included above: Excluded ancillaries: This is the ancillaries the character must not have for this ancillary to be available. For example Alchemists and Astrologers don't mix

What the different types appear to do: Security: Increases agent skill on agents. There are some that increas personal security (like bodyguards). Theres servants here that add to princess's charm as well. There are berserkers that add to command as well. As well as knights that add or remove chivalry and they can also add command. There are ancillaries that make agents cheaper to recruit too.

Academic: These can do pretty much anything. Although common ones improve command or increase the amount of tax gotten or decrease squalor. There a few heroes under this category that add a lot of good stats (the military ones are under military).

Entertain: These are actors and such... these add happiness to governing general's settlements. They can also decrease squalor... and some decrease the cost to bribe. These can also improve troop morale. As well as a rare few doing other things... most of them do the stuff described before though.

Sex: These have sex with the general in question. They usually give the general a morale drop, piety drop, settlement happiness drop, chivalry drop and fertility drop. In vanilla m2tw you get these from having a general hang around a settlement with a brothel. Theres some sex things that also add to subtafuge. There are negative things for princesses in here as well.

Health: These are generally docters or other similar people. They usually add to a generals hit points or fertility or allow troops to recover from wounds after battle... or all of them. Item: These are item type stuff. So obviously they will be things not people. For example theres a custom armour thing that imrpoves a generals hitpoints. Armour can improve or lower hitpoints... for the most part though these are positive so anything that lowers hitpoints will compensate for it in another way. In general generals have armour... and assasins have blades or weopens concidering the kill rate of a general cannot be increased. Blades can also increase personal security. Theres also explosives for assassins that add to sabotage. Theres items that also add to influence... probably not ingame though. Theres jewelary that adds to princesses charm as well. Theres handguns that add to security and law as well.

Court: These add to authority or there are "judges" that cause unrest and squalor. These can also add to personal security as well as trade. Theres also stuff that adds to troop morale. Theres also explorers that add line of sight and move speed. In general this category has lots of different stuff good and bad... and a lot of it is quite detailed. With some stuff that is balanced by a lot of good and bad things.

Pet: These I'd say are similar to items although they do different things. Theres some horses that increase movement speed here. As well as dogs that increase line of sight and personal security. Or monkeys that increase subterfuges.

Money: This is an odd description for this class... but it consists of merchants. These can increase line of sight and movement. These are also things that make merchants better. There are constructers that make things cheaper to build. In general the non merchant stuff adds to trade though. There are also quite a lot of heroes under this category... these add a lot of stats and are usually trade or exploration wise.

Magic: These are for Witches and add to their magic and or personal security. There are "enchanted broom"s that add to movement speed... rather silly. There are magicians that interetestingly add to troop morale and popularity. These can also add to hitpoints

Religion: These add to piety on either generals or priests. There are also a few religous heroes... these add a lot of varias stats although some are bad.

Family: These can reduce authority and troop morale

Military: These add to line of sight, move speed and also personal security. These can also make recruitment cheaper. As well as increase the amount of loot taken. There are also ancilleries that are generally specialised in one area and increase command when conditions are met (example only increase command in a siege attack). These can also add to health. Famous heroes also come under this description. They generally add a lot of good stats and have a bonus vs a faction (command wise).

Diplomacy: Theres an ancillery that adds to influence... probably not used ingame. The only ancilleries here add to influence... and there aren't too many and I'm pretty sure they are only from RTW.

Naval: These are things that go on admirals. These can only increase command, line of sight and movement speed.

Politics: There are poiseners who increase subterfuge here.

Relic: These add to command and piety for the most part. Some add to health and surgery. Some add to personal security. Some add to fertility. Some add to siege defence and some add dread.

Possible Effects:

NOTE: that most of the values can be negative despite what description might say. The description describes what it does when the value is positive (although that may not allways be a good thing). This will only talk in increases. Chivalry can be between 8 and -8. Subtefuge, Piety, Authority, Loyalty, finance, charm amd command can be between 8 and -∞ although the decreases after 0 are very small. For example if an assasin has a 15% chance for assasination at 0 he will have a 14% chance at -1. Note also that dread is allways refered to as negative chivalry

Effect Subterfuge: This increases angent skill-Relative

Effect Trading: This increases money gained by trade of city the general is garrisoned is in. If he is not in one it is not used-Number is a % increase

Effect TaxCollection: Same as trading except for tax-Number is a % Increase

Effect LocalPopularity: Same as above 2 except for happyness-1 localpop=5% happyness increase

Effect Chivalry: This increases chivarly on the general-1 Effect chiv=1 Chivalry for the general

Effect Piety: This increases piety on the general-1 Effect piety=1 Piety for the general

Effect TroopMorale: This increases troops morale on the battlefield(Higher max morale so that means troops will take more to rout)-1=1 morale

Effect Fertility: Increases the chance of a general having children. Concidering that you the number of children you get is based on the number of provinces. This means this will only make it more likely that this general will be chosen to have a child when more are needed-Relative

Effect Hitpoints: This allows the general to stay alive longer by giving him an extra number of times he can lose on the attack/defence roll(he survives longer in combat)-1=1 extra hp

Effect GunpowderCommand: Unsure. It has to do with having gunpowder troops under command though. It's either gunpowder troops get extra morale... or all troops get extra morale depending on how many gunpowder troops are in the stack (could be 1 needed or a %)

Effect Construction: This makes building buildings cheaper for the city the General is garrisoned in. If he is not garrisoned this has no effect-Number is a % decrease

Effect Squalor: This increases the Squalor in the settlement the General is garrisoned in. This will cause unhappyness and a loss of growth.-1 squalor=-0.5% growth and -5% happyness

Effect Authority: This increases the Kings Authority. In theory making his generals less likely to rebel. In vanilla this doesn't do much however-Relative

Effect BribeResistance: This makes it cost more for the general to be bribed by another faction-Relative

Effect Assasination: This increases an assassins skill while he is assassinating someone-Relative

Effect Command: This increases a generals command. Command increases morale for your troops on the battlefield and is well valued in autoresolve despite the fact that morale really isn't-1 Command=+1 Morale

Effect PersonalSecurity: This decreases the chance that a character will be successfully assassinated-Relative

Effect MovePoints: This increases the speed the agent or if it's a general, him and his stack can move. This also affects admirals similar to generals-Number is a % increase (Pretty sure it's in lots of 5%)

Effect SiegeEngineering: This increases the amount of siege build points per turn your general and his tack get while besieging someone-Number refers to build points... it's the same as is written

Effect Farming: This increases farming, increasing the money gained from farming and making your settlement grow faster-1 farming=0.5% extra growth and the monitery increase is an unknown percentage probably 5% though

Effect Mining: This increases the money of a city gained by mining while the general is garrisoned in it-Number is % increase

Effect LineOfSight: This increases the line of sight of a character-Actual amount unknown but probably by 1 square

Effect Charm: This increases the Princesses charm-Relative

Effect Unorthodoxy: In theory this makes a priest more likely to do different things... in Vanilla it doesn't do much.

Effect Purity: Same as Unorthadoxy

Effect Violence: Same as above too... might cause the pope to be more willing to call crusades though.

Effect Finance: This increases the money merchants earn and their resistance to being taken over. Higher finance merchants are also harder to assasinate-Relative

Effect Unrest: This causes unrest which is basicly negative happyness-1=5% unrest

Effect Health: This increases the public health level of a settlement when governed by a particular character, and reduces the likelihood of plague. Number is a percent increase, 1 Health = %5 Public Health.

Effect Law: This is similar to happyness-1=5% law

Effect Magic: This is like piety but for witches-Relative

Effect BattleSurgery: This causes men to be recovered that were wounded after a fight. This is great for keeping high experience troops alive or simply just saving losses-1=1 Troop loss recovered

Effect TrainingPoints: This makes soldiers cheaper to recruit while the general is stationed in a city-Number is a % decrease

Effect Sabotage: This Increases the Assasins skill while doing sabotage missions-Relative

Effect Influence: Influence hasn't been in since RTW BI... probably not used

Effect TrainingAgents: This makes agents cheaper to recruit while the general is stationed in a city-The Number is a % decrease

Effect CavlryCommand: Unsure. It has to do with having cavlry troops under command though. It's either cavlry troops get extra morale... or all troops get extra morale depending on how many Cavlry troops are in the stack (could be 1 needed or a %)

Effect ArtilleryCommand: Unsure. It has to do with having Artillery troops under command though. It's either Artillery troops get extra morale... or all troops get extra morale depending on how many Artillery troops are in the stack (could be 1 needed or a %)

Effect Looting: This increases the money gained from looting whenever you capture an enemy settlement(This also affects money gained from looting while you capture it as a horde)-% increase

Effect SiegeAttack: Increases your generals command while attacking in a siege (unsure whether rallying is counted as attacking... or whether being rallied against is counted as defending)-1 Command=1 extra max morale

Effect NavalCommand: This is Admiral specefic and only affects fleets-Command only used for autoresolve

Effect InfantryCommand: Unsure. It has to do with having Infantry troops under command though. It's either Infantry troops get extra morale... or all troops get extra morale depending on how many Infantry troops are in the stack (could be 1 needed or a %)

Effect SiegeDefence: Increases your generals command while defending in a siege (unsure whether rallying is counted as attacking... or whether being rallied against is counted as defending)-1 Command=1 extra max morale

Effect Combat_V_Faction_xxx: Increases command for the general while fighting faction xxx-1 Command=1 Max extra troop morale

Combat_V_Religion_xxx: Increases command for the general while fighting a faction of religion xxx-1 Command=1 Max extra troop morale

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