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Export descr character traits.txt

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Export_descr_character_traits.txt contains all the traits (but not ancillaries) for all characters;

generals, spies, diplomats, assassins and admirals in RTW

The File also contains all the triggers which add the traits during the game.

Trait Format

Trait TraitName
    Characters family
    ExcludeCultures barbarian, eastern, nomad, hun, roman
    NoGoingBackLevel  1 
    AntiTraits OtherTraitName

    Level Level_One_Name
        Description Level_One_Name_desc
        EffectsDescription Level_One_Name_effects_desc
        Threshold  2 

        Effect Unrest 1

    Level Level_Two_Name
        Description Level_Two_Name_desc
        EffectsDescription Level_Two_Name_effects_desc
        GainMessage Level_Two_Name_gain_desc
        Epithet Level_Two_Name_epithet_desc
        Threshold  5 

        Effect Management -1
        Effect Defence  1 

Parts in italics must have a corresponding entry in export_VnVs.txt or the game will CTD without message when a character with that trait is viewed.

Key to Elements










Adding a New Trait

Trigger Format

Adding a New Trigger

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