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Factions (TWR2)

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Of the one hundred seventeen factions in Total War: Rome II, eight are playable, six are playable through free content, thirteen were added as campaign pack downloadable content, and twelve additional factions can be purchased through culture pack downloadable content.

Rome, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni, Suebi, Parthia, and Egypt were originally playable.

Pontus, Seleucids, the Getae, Armenia, Baktria, and Massilia were free LC factions.

The Boii, Nervii, and Galatia were playable and included in the Caesar in Gaul Campaign Pack; Lusitani, Arevaci, and Syracuse from the Hannibal at the Gates Campaign Pack. Athens, Sparta, Korinthos, and the Boiotian League are only playable with the Wrath of Sparta Campaign Pack. The Imperator Augustus Free Campaign Pack includes Octavian, Marc Antony, and Lepidus from the Emperor's Edition.

The Greek States Culture Pack includes Athens, Sparta, and Epirus. The Nomad Tribes Culture Pack add Massagetae, Roxolani, and Scythia. Ardiaei, Tylis, and Odrysian Kingdom are included from the Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack. The Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack add Cimmeria, Pergamon, and Colchis.

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