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Falcom Total War 3 : The Total Conquest

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Falcom Total War 3 : The Total Conquest
Platform Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms
Mod Type Overhaul
Mod Leader falcom4ever
Release Status v.2.0b
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Campaign Map:


Falcom Total War 3 : The Total Conquest is a modification for Kingdoms that provides a world map. The map covers most of the world from the Americas to Japan, and Greenland to Australia. It adds 3 new religions and 13 new playable factions. Aztecs, Mongols and Papal States are also playable from the beginning.


Section based on information in [1]

New Factions

  • Empire of Mali
  • Kingdom of the Great Zimbabwe
  • Apache
  • Maya Empire
  • Inca Empire
  • Western Chalukya Empire
  • Chola Empire
  • Khmer Empire
  • Srivijaya Empire
  • Kingdom of Ryukyu
  • Empire of Japan
  • Empire of Song China
  • Jurchens

Campaign Map

  • The map covers 6 continents
  • 199 Provinces to conquer, names written in native languages
  • Cities as much historical as possible and based from medieval demographic studies
  • Stone forts and watch towers
  • New buildings
  • New campaign map textures
  • Models for new factions
  • Simulation of the Great Wall of China with impassable mountains and stone forts
  • Forts simulate minor cities

Battle Map

  • Tipi for north american, red brick castles for Novgorod and Poland, and stone forts
  • New units for the new factions
  • Better grass, better water and re-textured Aztec Cities mod integrated
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  • New religions : Buddhism, Hinduism and Shinto
  • Little tweaks in the AI for better intercontinental warfare
  • Cities name change in function of the owner (ex. Konstantinoupolis -> Istanbul, Nanjing -> Yanshan/Zhongdu,...)
  • Naval invasions
  • New Historical Events
  • Historical rulers for the most of the factions
  • 1 turn = 1/2 year
  • Mongols, Aztecs and Papal States playable from the start
  • Papal States can declare Crusades
  • Technology tree remade
  • Scripts to make the game interesting even after 500 turns
  • New accents for : Natives, Mesoamericans, Chinese, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Danish, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Hindi

Team and Credits

  • falcom4ever - Creator
  • Gigantus - Bare Mod was used as base for the mod. He helped a lot when I got stuck with crashes and answered always to questions. Creator of great tutorials and tools also.
  • Shizoku no Senso mod team - Japanese units and model strats, asian portraits.*
  • Charge - MapMod: Trees, Textures, Sea v1.0
  • Ran no Jidai team - Thanks a lot for some model strat for Japan and base for asian campaign cities/castle
  • Isandlwana - Thanks for the units from the Isandlwana - The Thin Red Line mod. They are used on the Zimbabwean faction
  • Dominatio Mundi team - Thanks for my mates from Dominatio Mundi and in particullary Master Zuma that send the the Malian units
  • davide.cool - Better grass, water and aztecs cities textures
  • Agart - new cities and castles
  • twcenter forum - For their great help on forums and answer to the problems very easily.


Falcom Total War was first released as a French mod. The project was going to be extended for the 2nd version in English, but it never came out.

Few years later in 2012, falcom4ever released a 3rd version in English. For long time he wanted to release a mod that covers the whole world, finally it came out in the actual version of Falcom Total War.


Version 1.0 released on the 12 May 2012

Version 1.1 released on the 14 May 2012

Version 1.2 released on the 20 May 2012

Version 1.3 released on the 28 May 2012

Version 1.4 released on the 28 June 2012

Version 2.0b released on the 7 March 2015

External Links

Hosted Mod Forum

Falcom Total War 3 Facebook page with news, screenshots and videos

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