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Fall of the Republic - Rise of the Empire

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Fall of the Republic - Rise of the Empire
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraEurope 77BC-53BC
Mod Leader Salvor Hardin
Release Status The First Triumvirate v1.92, 77 B.C. - Twilight of the Republic v2.1, 58 B.C. - Caesar Imperator! v1.2
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Fall of the Republic - Rise of the Empire (abbreviated to FRRE) does not exist as its own modification, but as a compilation of three separate total conversions based around Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion. The First Triumvirate (abbreviated to TFT), 77 B.C. - Twilight of the Republic, and 58 B.C. - Caesar Imperator! each brings you into a different pivotal moment of the Roman Republic.


FRRE was first conceived in 2005 and was originally hosted on the Rome Total Realism forums until its demise, when the team migrated to Total War Center. The latest versions of TFT, 77 B.C. and 58 B.C. were released in August 2008 as an ISO file.


The First Triumvirate

TFT is a compilation of five different campaigns allowing you to take command of each member of the First Triumvirate in different periods, as well as Vercingetorix of the Gauls or Orodes of Parthia. It features a new map, reskinned and newly added units, scripted events and more.

77 B.C. - Twilight of the Republic

As the title suggests, this mod begins in 77 B.C. and allows you to play as any faction in the game. It uses Rome Total Realism 6 Platinum Edition as a base, but adds different factions, many historical characters such as Quintus Serorius and Spartacus, new traits and scores of new skins and units.

58 B.C. - Caesar Imperator!

Beginning two years after the formation of the First Triumvirate, this mod follows the historical career of Julius Caesar and his campaigns in Gaul all the way through to the Roman civil war and his ascension to Imperator. Only one faction is available to play, and the campaign is heavily scripted. If Julius Caesar dies, the campaign is lost.



There are different factions available to play in each of the modifications:

  • The First Triumvirate features three different Roman campaigns allowing you to play as Crassus in Parthia, Caesar in Gaul and Pompey in the middle of the Civil War. Two other campaigns feature Gaul and Parthia.
  • 77 B.C. is the only one of the three modifications with every faction playable and features new ones such as Ioudaia, the Nabatean Kingdom and the Yuezhi
  • 58 B.C. features just one playable Roman faction, based around the career of Julius Caesar.


Each of the three mods uses a modified version of the Rome Total Realism 6 map with provinces, cities and factions customized for each different time period. Larger than the vanilla map it includes more of Persia and many more provinces.


Each mod contains scores of new units, with numbered legions included in the 55 B.C. - Caesar Imperator! modification.


  • Each mod has new loading screens and quotes along with new portraits for the historical characters.
  • Scripting is used in each mod, with 58 B.C. using it heavily to control relations between the different factions. Garrison scripts feature along with historical events and player missions.
  • The battle AI has been tweaked to cause harder and longer battles.

The Team

The Team
Salvor Hardin - Mod Leader
Anallein - Coding
bucellarii - History Department
Cloudos88 - Coding
DaVinci - Coding and Mapping
Empedocles - Public Relations and Beta Testing
hip63 - Mod Installer
King Arthur - Modelling and 2-D Art
Kozak - Historical Portraits
L7c - Historical Portraits
Octavius Vacto - Coding and 2-D Art
Stuie - Coding
Uranos - Unit Cards
Special Thanks
Rome Total Realism Gold/PE Team
Europa Barbarorum Team

Visual Material

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