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Falxmen (RTW Unit)

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Falxmen (RTW Unit)
Class Heavy Infantry
Unit Size 120
Weaponry Falx
Morale 8
Melee Attack 13
Ranged Attack N/A
Defence 10
Charge Bonus 5
Accuracy N/A
Range N/A
Ammunition N/A
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 500
Upkeep Cost 170
Turns to Build 1
Unit Limit None
Building Requirements ???
Technology Requirements None

WARBAND FALX DACIAN.pngFalxmen are used to carve a path into enemy formations. They are superior, but somewhat ill-disciplined warriors.


Falxmen are used to carve a path into enemy formations. They are superior, but somewhat ill-disciplined warriors who are willing to charge into a fight without orders. They wear no armour, partly as a sign of their bravery and partly because it would interfere with the free swinging of their falxes. A falx can cut a man in two lengthways in the hands of a skilled user. It is a frightening weapon: a curved scythe-like blade on the end of a long handle that is sharpened on the inner curve of the blade. The damage from any blow is done with a pulling motion, meaning that any blow that lands will hack off a limb or decapitate a foe at the least. Historically, this is one of the few weapons that made the Romans change their standardised armour, as they added reinforcing bars to Legionary helmets after encountering falxmen.


Falxmen are aggressive troops who are exclusive to unplayable factions. They are the best tier 2 barbarian Infantry and are a fine compliment for Thracian Phalanx Pikemen. They have a punishing attack, which often leads to killing whatever they hit, coupled with average defense and light amour. Falxmen really chew through their opponents with their high attack. Their weapon is not armor piercing, but the sheer damage it inflicts usually lets it cut right though armor anyway. They have sky high morale and are impetuous, so they will take a lot of losses and keep right on rolling. \

However they do have to beware of heavy cavalry charges and missiles units, both of which they have little defense against. They also should not charge Pikemen head on because they will take terrible casualties against them before they can strike back.

Dacia should eventually replace Falxmen with Chosen Swordsmen, who have superior morale and stamina and much more defense.


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