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Badges/Staff Roles:Peregrinus
Patron:Thomas Paine
Patron of:Gwendylyn, Mithie

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Ferrets54, often abbreviated to Ferrets is one of the more well-known members of Total War Center's forums. Since joining in 2004 - minus the extensive periods of time he spends in suspension - Ferrets has built up a solid reputation as a skilled - albeit somewhat uncompromising - debater in the Political Mudpit. He was previously a citizen and a member of staff, before being stripped of his ranks due to repeated off-topic posting after being vetoed twice when attempting to run for Speaker.

His sarcastic sense of humour and often well-informed posts have acquired him a considerable reputation-point hoard. He also started TWC's Minecraft community, setting up the first sub-forum and multiplayer server exclusively for TWC members.

Also possesses the most posts of all TWC's many members, currently well over 50 000.

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