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Feudal Knights (M2TW Unit)

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Feudal Knights (M2TW Unit)
Feudal knights info.png
Class Heavy Cavalry
Unit Size 80 men
  • Lance
  • Sword
  • Morale 9
    Melee Attack
  • 10
  • 11
  • Ranged Attack N/A
    Defence 16
    Charge Bonus
  • 6
  • 4
  • Accuracy N/A
    Range N/A
    Ammunition N/A
    Region Global
    Recruitment Cost 730
    Upkeep Cost 250
    Turns to Build 1
    Unit Limit Unlimited
    Building Requirements
  • Baron's Stable
  • Technology Requirements None
  • Can formed charge
  • Can withdraw
  • Hardy
  • Hide forest
  • Sea faring

  • Feudal knights thumbnail.png Protected by heavy armour and armed with a lance, these elite warriors crush and ride down their opponents.


    These knights dominate both society and the battlefield in medieval Europe. Under the feudal system each man owes military service to his lord in return for protection, a grant of land, and the peasants to work it. Trained as warriors from birth, their favourite tactic is the headlong charge. Despite the simple tactics, their strong armour, heavy lances, and martial prowess mean that only the most resolute can resist them.


    Feudal Knights are the strongest cavalry unit that is available to virtually all European factions( see list below). They have a good attack and charge and are protected by chain mail armour. Feudal Knights will tear through most militia units, unless they are armed with spears, and can deliver a decimating rear charge. If they pull of a successful rear charge, not many units will be able to recover. As mentioned earlier, Feudal Knights will be destroyed by spear-wielding units, especially if the player is foolish enough to charge them head on. If left in a prolonged melee with heavy infantry, the Feudal Knights may lose out in the long run.

    Despite their strengths, whether they are worth using compared to Mailed Knights is debatable. Mailed Knights are faster, have almost as much armour, almost identical other stats and are far more readily available. These Knights require a Fortress, which is not an insignificant investment.


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