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Forlorn Hope (M2TW Unit)

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Forlorn Hope (M2TW Unit)
Forlorn hope info.png
Class Heavy Infantry
Unit Size 24
  • Sword
  • Morale 11
    Melee Attack 17
    Ranged Attack NA
    Defence 5
    Charge Bonus 6
    Accuracy NA
    Range NA
    Ammunition NA
    Region Global
    Recruitment Cost 620
    Upkeep Cost 250
    Turns to Build 1
    Unit Limit 3
    Building Requirements
  • Mayors Palace
  • Technology Requirements None
  • Can withdraw
  • Hide forest
  • Sea faring
  • Very hardy

  • Forlorn hope thumbnail.png These desperate men are armed with a massive two-handed sword and thick armour.


    The 'Verlorene Haufen' or Forlorn Hope as they are known, are comprised of prisoners and volunteers desperate for glory. Their job is to lead the first and usually fatal charge used to break up enemy pike formations. The Forlorn Hope are heavily armoured and wield massive "zweihander" swords. These units are vicious assault troops who can chop a man into bloody pieces.


    The Forlorn Hope are a unit, which carry massive, two-handed swords, which can inflict serious damage on the enemy. They have high attack and charge and relatively low defence. They wear partial metal plate armour, providing them with some protection against missiles and melee attacks. While the Forlorn Hope have a much higher attack than their counterparts the Zweihanders, they have less armour and defence. While they are cheaper to recruit than the Zweihanders, they have a much higher upkeep cost and they are not as disciplined. They also have half as many men as the Zweihander unit. The Forlorn Hope are recruitable from cities, meaning you maintain the wealth of a civil settlement and still benefit from a high damage unit, which would normally require a castle.


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