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Germanic Tribes (TWR2 Culture)

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Germanic Tribes (TWR2 Culture)
Name: Germanic Tribes
From Game: Total War: Rome II
Cultural Group: Barbarian
Playable Factions: Yes


“We will come for you in the night and nothing will live. That is our war.”

Culture Traits

  • Terrors of the Night: Can always choose to fight night battles.
  • Warrior Society: +2 public order for every war against a neighbouring faction



  • Marauders: +100% income from raiding and sacking
  • Tribal Conquerors: +20% morale for all units during battles against barbarian tribes

In game:

  • Cultural Traits allow armies and navies to begin night battles without needing an appropriately skilled character or agent, and provide Public Order bonuses when at war with neighbouring factions.
  • Starts off in northern central Europe chiefly in modern day Germany, Czechia and Poland. This centralised location is a double edged sword as it allows for expansion in a variety of directions, but also means that threats can come from any direction as well. Most neighbouring factions are Germanic, making confederation another option when it comes to early expansion. The area also has many forests and multiple choke points, making ambush stance a useful tool, especially in combination with other Germanic faction strengths.
  • Roster has a decent mixture of melee and ranged units, but with limited cavalry options. Their units tend to be on the light side in terms of mass and armour, but often have strong offensive stats such as charge bonus and melee attack, and special abilities which either increase those further or inflict morale penalties on enemy units. Some units are also tied to specific gods' temples, such as Wodanaz or Frijjo.
  • The ability to fight night battles without the need for a specialised general or agent can be a powerful tool in a faction's arsenal. Night battles exclude reinforcements from joining the battle, reduce line of sight and cause morale penalties to unprepared enemies. Combined with access to multiple units with the “Scare (everyone)” ability, skilled archers capable of using Flaming Shot or Whistling Shot, and certain character traits and skills, this can allow a Germanic army to strike fear into the hearts of their enemy, hurting their morale and potentially shattering an army with a few well timed charges.

In history:

  • The fearsome warriors of the dark forests.
  • The Germanic tribes and Rome fought many battles throughout the Roman period, possibly most famously the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in which an alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed and destroy three Roman legions and their auxiliaries.
  • Despite multiple attempts Rome was unable to subdue many of the Germanic tribes. Because of this the natural barriers of the rivers Rhine and Danube, and the Roman fortifications of the Limes Germanicus became the northern borders of the Roman empire.
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