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Now I'm working on [http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=139145 300 'warlords of Sparta'] which will be my last mod..
Now I'm working on [https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=139145 300 'warlords of Sparta'] which will be my last mod..
I have five clients [[Makanyane]], [[Metellus]], [[Beiss]], [[deRougemont]], and [[Zephrelial]]. They are all great.
I have five clients [[Makanyane]], [[Metellus]], [[Beiss]], [[deRougemont]], and [[Zephrelial]]. They are all great.

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Halie Satanus
HS Avatar.png
Badges/Staff Roles:Halie doesn't needs any puny ranks!
Patron of:makanyane, Metellus, Beiss, deRougemont, Zephrelial

Halie Satanus is a former Administrator of the Total War Center forums. He's known for his ideas and contributions towards Total War sections and the majority of the credit for its success goes to this man alone.


Halie Satanus, Patron: Garbarsardar; Citizen 20/04/2006; Patrician 01/09/2006; Opifex 28/04/2007.

A lot of people write a personal history of TWC this is mine.

I was a modder then a Civitate, then a Patrician, then I was in staff, then I resigned because of some bad people and their doings and such, then i was re-appointed, then I was an administrator, now I'm not. (12th aug 07)

And now I am again...! and not again...And in again...And not again, for the last time..

I resigned my citizenship on February 24, 2010. After being censored for saying OOO, did the nasty Curia make you angwee. Someone!! reported that comment to the CdeC stating that I was spitting venom... LOL..

I made a mod with Makanyane called 'End of Days' and we released it. Then we made another, End of days II Lycan Rising and released that too. While waiting for script writers to finish the '300' script I knocked out another mod, 'Sicilia'.

Other mods I've worked on.

Mods I've contributed to (that I know of).

Now I'm working on 300 'warlords of Sparta' which will be my last mod..

I have five clients Makanyane, Metellus, Beiss, deRougemont, and Zephrelial. They are all great.

Hs....: ;)

I have a baby daughter called 'Lyla Star' she makes me smile.

Garb Rules!!!

Total War games owned

Box Art Type
Romebox.jpg Rome: Total War
RTWBIBA.JPG Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion
Rome - Total War - Alexander Coverart.png Rome: Total War Alexander
M2TWBA.jpg Medieval 2: Total War

Ranks And Awards

Formerly held ranks

Rank Description
Administrator radadir.png Had administered TWC and TWC forums, a job not meant for a faint-hearted person.
Artifex radadir.png An Artifex is someone who earned their rank through modding a TW game. Resigned on February 24, 2010.
Citizen radadir.png Citizen is special rank is given as a reward by the CdeC to those members who make a significant contribution to the Forum. Resigned on February 24, 2010.
Moderator.png Moderators form the body which performs the vast majority of day-to-day front-line site moderation.
Patrician.png Patrician was a rank which is no longer in use. They had the ability to offer Patronization to regular members.

Awards Achieved

Award Type Reason
RTW Maward 07.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Mentor (RTW)' category in the 2007 Modder Awards. Award received on February 02, 2009.
Opifex large.png Opifex Awarded for exceptional modding or other TW-related contributions to the board. Medal received on November 15, 2008.
RTW Maward 08.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Best RTW 2d Artist' category in the 2008 Modder Awards. Award received on February 04, 2009.
Macebiggold.png Moderator's Mace Awarded for time served as a Moderator for a period of one year to one year and five months. Received on January 18, 2008.
Loincloth large rahl.png Asterix's Loincloth Awarded by the Curia to members that have "demonstrated purity of mind and spirit on TWC, in the pursuit of sense of humour and good times for all members." Received on April 26, 2008.

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