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Harbour (FOTS)

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Harbour (FOTS)
File:Harbour FOTS.png
Chain Port Type
Requires -
Enables Buildings:
  • Port
  • Units:
  • Gun Boat - Chiyodagata-Class
  • Torpedo Boat - Chiyodagata-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kaiten-Class
  • Spawned Defence Forces -
    Basic Building Statistics
  • Cost: 1000
  • Improves export capacity (increases trade values) by +100
  • Recruitment capacity (ship under construction): +1
  • Clan Effects -
    See main article; FotS Buildings


    "If this is a port, one wall and a roof tile make a house!"

    A harbour is little more than a natural inlet from the sea and a few buildings around a slipway, a place that allows the building of some straightforward naval units.

    All navies need a base of operations, at the minimum somewhere they can carry out repairs and allow crews a little entertainment ashore. As navies modernise, however, the need for support facilities ashore becomes pressing. Repairs to a wooden vessel could often be carried out by the ship's crew; the same is not true of modern ironclads. Even the simplest job may mean that the ship has to return to port for specialist attention. The need for coaling stations is another "infrastructure" problem for a modernising navy. In the old days, the wind did not need to be loaded aboard before a voyage took place! Navies have to keep an eye out, then, for strategic places that can be added to the support structure needed for a modern fleet.

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