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Hardcoded Limits - M2TW

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Creative Assembly have built in some limits to the games, meaning that modders can not have more than x amount of factions or y amount of units. Limits for Medieval II: Total War appear to be similar to Rome: Total War though some are slightly raised. See also Hardcoded Limits in RTW which may also apply unless a higher value is mentioned here.

General Hard Coded Limits for M2TW

  • Max number of crusades at once: 1
  • Max number of cultures: 7
  • Max number of religions: 10
  • Max character name length: 42 (disputed)
  • Max number of character types in descr_character.txt: 12 (already in use) - abilities are also hard-coded to type
  • Max ancillaries per general: 8
  • Max number of units for a faction available in custom battle selection screen: 200

Text Files


  • Max Unit Entries: 500
  • Attack Delay (stat_pri): 1 to 100 see here


  • Max mount types: 99


  • Max no of exploding_[name]_shot entries: 9 see here


  • Max: 26


  • Min: ?
  • Max: 31


  • Maximum number of buildings per tree: 9.
  • Maximum number of building trees: 128.
  • Hidden_resources list Min: 2 Max: 64


  • Max Affects per Trigger: 10
  • Max Levels per character type: 9 (0 to 8)

Campaign Map

  • Max number of regions: 200 (Including number of sea regions)
  • Max size of map_regions: 510x510 pixels
  • Max size of map_climates: 1021x1021 pixels
  • Max size of map_heights: 1021x1021 pixels
  • Max size of map_ground_types: 1021x1021 pixels
  • Max size of map_roughness: 1020x1020 pixels
  • Max size of map_features: 510x510 pixels
  • Max size of map_trade_routes: 510x510 pixels

Battle Map

  • Max size .worldterrain and .worldvegetation: around 501 rows/columns, see here
  • Max no of vegetation models per group (vegetation.db): 4


  • tga pages sizes (data/ui/"culture folder"/interface) : 510 x 510

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